Zerodha is an Indian-based discount brokerage firm that allows the people to trade in currencies as well as commodities in the stock market. This is a Bangalore-based company and has offices in various other cities like Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore and many more.

 The account opening procedure through this film is very easy and following are the documents required for it:

  1. The client must have an address proof, for example, the PAN card.
  2. The client must have a passport size photograph.
  3. He or she must also have two cheques from which one must be cancelled and others should be filled with the opening fees for the account. 
  • In case of Demat account: In case anyone wants to open the Demat account through this firm then he or she has to pay the opening charge of 200. This type of account is required to trade in the equity which is based on delivery. The shares will be there in the account on T+2 bases. There is no need for a trading account in case one is an intra-day trader.
  • In case of trading plus Demat account: the charges for this type of account will be 300. In case one wants to open the commodity account besides then the fees for this will be 200. This firm will help to offer all such services like trading in stocks, indices, currencies and many more products. This type of trading can be done through a mobile-based application or a web-based platform. All these kinds of settlements will be done on a T+1 basis. The best part is that one does not have to pay the maintenance charges for this.
  • In the case of commodity-based accounts: For this type of account one has to pay the additional charges of 200. For this type of account also there is no kind of maintenance charges to be paid by the investor. Also, there is no need for Demat account to deal in commodities. The opening charges for this are 300.

 Following is the list of charges charge to buy the Zerodha brokerage:

  1. In the case of equity delivery, there is a charge of 0.10% of the turnover of Rs.20 per trade or whichever is lower.
  2. In the case of equity intraday, it is 0.01% of turnover or Rs.20 per trade for whichever is lower.
  3. In the case of equity future and options, it is same as equity intraday.
  4. Also, in the cases of commodities, commodity futures and options it is same as of equity intraday.

 Some hidden charges: The security transaction tax is also charged on both aspects for delivery rates in the equity. The stamp duty is 0.01% or Rs.50 per contract and this will depend upon from which state the investor is. The service tax will be charged at 14% of the whole fees including the transaction prices. And the SEBI expenses are charged at Rs.20 per crore.