Acer is a Indian Brand and it is really making some great Laptop in current time. In 2018 Acer laptop has grab the 4th position in the market of laptop making which means it’s a developing brand that you can trust without having any doubt in your mind. Acer is best for different types of work the person who is office goers can have or prefer Acer Laptop and the young guys who prefers playing computer games of high graphics they can also have Acer laptop.

Some points about why should you Prefer Acer Laptop?

  • When it comes to the matter of laptop design Acer really pushing up the envelop. It has started to produce the thinnest Laptop which no other brand has ever produced that is Acer Swift 7. I think every person in this modern era prefers the Slim laptop as it is very easy to carry and looks pretty much stylist than old modeled heavier laptops.
  • The Acer phone agent is attending every customer call and they are talking in a sweet and polite voice which helps to win the heart of every customer and they are not only talking in a sweet voice but also they are solving each and every customer’s problem very minutely.
  • Another Good thing about Acer Laptop is they are offering the great designed laptop at a very affordable price which is beyond the imagination of Alienware laptop Black Friday.
  • If any person got a product or rather laptop within their budget and the quality of that laptop is also good then what will the person do? I think every person will grab the offer with both hand as every single person wants a quality things within a budget but the product maker doe’s think in such a way. Acer has caught that point and they are flourishing their business day by day.

Things to prefer Acer than Alienware Laptop?

If you tally the price of Alienware laptop in the market then you will notice that it is on the higher side than Acer Laptop. If your battery got damaged after one year of use then you have to expense a huge amount to have a new battery on the other hand you can have Acer laptop battery on cheaper price which make Acer Laptop more preferable than Alienware Laptop.


I think after reading my article you should have a clear idea about the capability of Acer Laptop. I think you should find my article quite informative one and if you read my each and every single point about Acer laptop then you will have a clear idea about Why should you Prefer Acer Laptop than Alienware Laptop. The person who wants a laptop within his or budget with a quality processor and some other quality features for them Acer will be best choice. The thing which Acer will make you happy is its customer service. If you want to buy this Laptop then best time will be Black Friday. So I think Acer Laptop Black Friday will be best time for those who wants creative photo from their camera