As it looks like the worst is behind us, the world is slowly returning to some kind of normalcy. While some things may have changed forever, other things remain the same. For SEOs, the push to write better content and reach their audience more effectively is nothing new. As the pandemic continues to become less of a problem and people return to work, the question is how SEOs should begin reaching their audience.

Many businesses may have been working as usual on the digital side. However, there is also a large proportion of companies who had to stop their digital marketing operation entirely. As these companies open back up and think about how to recover lost ground, a tall order awaits them. 

In the world of digital marketing, consistency is everything. Most big platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, only value content sources and profiles that regularly post content. If a business has been AWOL for a month or even a week, its ranking is highly likely to slide and get pushed down the pecking order. 

In this article, we cover why this is the right time to shape a content strategy for work after the pandemic. When a new customer visits your website, choose several products that they wish to buy and fill up their carts, they assume that 95% of the job is done. All that is left is payment and providing the delivery address. While this may seem like the best option, there are very few websites that make it as simple and customer friendly. Many websites make the mistake of allowing purchases only to registered customers. To get rid of it and not lose potential sales, eCommerce websites should allow guest purchases. Guest purchases are customer-friendly, and also increase the chances of the customer becoming a regular visitor of the website.

Riding the Post Covid Wave

Once the lockdown ends, there will be certain topics and fields which will receive a massive influx of attention and traffic. To rise with this high wave of interest and traffic, many companies will have to plan ahead and be ready to serve new audiences with content. 

This initial spurt of traffic is also enough to help companies who couldn’t focus on digital marketing during the crisis to recover their digital standing. 

The reason why this is a good time to think of a content strategy is simple – preparation. In every field, people coming back will have a common set of questions. It is the job of those responsible for creating content to have a good strategy in place to meet their demands. 

Recovery Has to Start From Day One

Any digital marketer thinking that they can relax after returning to work on day one are not thinking straight. It is important for every company to be ready to start working from day one, especially in digital marketing. This is why a content strategy is essential going into day one in order to make sure the professionals working on content have a direction to follow. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the key reasons why SEOs must start creating the right post pandemic content strategy. 

About the Author – Kuldeep Sharma is a digital marketing executive and content writer with three years of experience. He currently writes articles and trains students in content writing at, affordable & top digital marketing institute in Delhi