IVF indeed has emerged as the best option to go ahead if you are infertile and wish to have your own baby. But everyone is not that lucky to get success to conceive. It would be ideal if you have treatment from the best doctor having enormous patience.

Increasing Cases OF Infertility –

Today, the causes of infertility are increasing every day. Infertility is a result of a number of factors such blockage of the fallopian tube, less ovarian reserve, endometriosis, ovulation related problems and many more. Thanks to medical science that has made it possible to conceive through assisted reproductive treatments.IVF treatment is one ray of hope for the couples who have been trying for conception for several years.

Though this treatment, you will get a higher rate of chances as compared to other fertility treatments. Experts of Fertility center also advise the patients to undergo this treatment because of its high success rate. But, there are times when this IVF treatment gets fail in some cases.

Here’s a list of some reasons due to which IVF doesn’t work successfully. Let’s have a close look at each of them:

  • Selection Methods Of Embryo –

The embryos are actually placed into the women’s uterus. And the selection of embryo is actually done by the embryologist. The experts thoroughly check chromosomally normal and abnormal embryos before placing it inside the uterus. The experts select on checking out different criteria such as embryo grade, rate of cell division and cell stage. Embryos which get grade in between 1,2 or even 2.5 are considered the better to implant in comparison of embryos having grade lower than 3 or 4. The experts keep checking on a regular basis until getting the satisfying report. They determine the rate of cell division too. You should keep consulting with your doctor to get to know more about it. They can explain to you more about it in a simple and easiest way so that you can get aware of it easily.

  • The quality of embryo:

This is one of the most common reasons for the failure of IVF cycles. Many defective embryos are unable to implant to the uterus. There are times when embryos appear healthy in the lab but they might have defects, which cause them to die. The eggs that have fewer cells have greater chances of failure because of less fertilization probability. It needs to have healthy embryos to go ahead with successful IVF treatment.

  • Problems related to implantation:

Implantation is the main process of pregnancy in which the embryo implants itself to the walls of the uterus.If this process does not take place properly then it will result in failed IVF. Many fertility specialists suggest that implantation problems cause the failure of IVF treatment as the embryo stops developing. This might happen because of genetic disorder which results in pregnancy loss after IVF treatment. You should discuss with your doctor more about it. They will make you know all about it in a detailed manner.

  • Lifestyle factor:

Lifestyle factor is one of the important reasons that might cause the failure of IVF treatment. It is important that the patient should quit alcohol and smoking 3 months before the start of the treatment. Along with this, overweight or underweight also affects the success of the IVF treatment. You may not believe but lifestyle factor also matters a lot in this context.

  • You should have proper stress. Do not much physical exercise during that time.
  • Make sure that you are having a healthy diet instead of going with only junk food.
  • Go with a job that makes you at metal peace. Having more stress can lead to having negative results.
  • You should do ideal exercises and other activities to make yourself at peace.
  • How Age factor can affect :

and the next on the list is Age Factor. It is another important reason for IVF failure is the age of the woman partner. As the age of the woman increases, the number and quality of eggs decrease. In simple words, it can be said that the ovarian reserve is reduced with age. The women who are under 35 are having 32 percent chance of success. If the women are, more than 40 years then the chances get reduced to 16 percent. You should consider with your doctor in a detailed manner before going ahead for IVF treatment.

  • Ovarian response:

If we are talking about IVF failure reason then you should not forget about the ovarian response. This is another on the list causing IVF treatment fails. There are times when the ovaries of women do not respond to the IVF treatment and medication in the way they should do.  If they will not respond to the treatment then the ovaries won’t develop a sufficient number of follicles to produce multiple eggs. This low ovarian response happens when women are older than 37 years.

Conclusion –

All these above-mentioned reasons can cause the failure of IVF treatments. All these problems cannot be treated but some of them can be addressed for reducing the chances of failure.