Using steroids in sports is not new, athletes were using it for several decades. The history or steroids in sport are fast enough. The performing enhancing drug was first introduced in the third Olympiad when Thomas Hicks won the marathon after injecting a dose of steroid in between the race. The first ban on performing-enhancing drugs was introduced in early 1928, so from this fact, we can understand that from how much time steroids are into sports.

Other than this, there is another incident which took place in 1876, when the German swimming team caught while using anabolic steroids, they have won 11 out of 13 Olympic events with the help of this. When the law governing agencies got this news they have disqualified their team and also sued their government for giving the anabolic steroids.

Why Athletes Use Steroid in Sports?

There is no doubt in the fact that legal steroids produce some effective changes in the body which help the athletes and bodybuilders to perform well in the playing field. Steroids help by increasing the body’s muscle mass, strength and more importantly stamina which is essential in every sport. These are some of the reasons why steroids are more into sports. There are lots more which we will discuss in this article.

  • Increase Recovery Time:

Other than above-mentioned benefits, steroids also increase the recovery time of the athletes and make them fit again in no time. Injury is very common in any sport, but to recover from it effectively and moreover, quickly is the hardest thing ever, so these steroids play an effective role in this.

  • Increase Exercise Capacity:

We all know, steroids have lots of medical benefits but instead of this they also help athletes and bodybuilder by increasing their exercise capacity. Exercise and training are one of the major things which every sportsperson have to do whether they want or not. As we know, exercise needs lots of strength and stamina and to get a boost in their stamina level many athletes consume steroids. Whereas there are lots of people who believe to build strength in natural ways but when it comes to the exercise they have to consume steroids just to increase a little bit of their capacity.

  • Increase Muscle Strength:

There are lots of athletes who are consuming legal steroids in the UK just to increase their muscle strength. Muscle and body strength is the key if you want to face any opponent if you don’t have a proper lean muscle mass, especially in the sports like wrestling, basketball and baseball you won’t stand in front of the opponent for much time. Legal steroids were basically introduced to increase lean muscle mass but as time goes on; manufacturers improvise and make them effective for other use as well.

In a Nutshell:

Although legal steroids are ban is some sports, but there are lots of people who still consuming it due to its effective benefits. In my opinion, steroids are not good for your health, if you make muscle mass naturally, then why harm your body by using them.