Many HR departments are focused on implementing regulated performance management at their companies, but as a small business, what should you mainly look for in performance management software? Start by asking what your business needs and look for a solution that fits those requirements.

If your company doesn’t currently have a patterned performance management tool, evaluating these methods may seem unusual. These devices have a wide variety of functionality and are often intended for employers with tens of thousands of employees.

But the performance requirements at small businesses are much different than those at many larger organizations, and, likely, HR experts at little companies will not need all the bells and whistles of standalone performance software. So as a small company, what should you watch for in a performance management tool? Start by examining what your business needs, and look for a clarification that fits those needs.

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The One-To-One

Many performance solutions are organized around the “one-to-one” meeting. This is a daily scheduled face-to-face meeting or video conference among managers and direct reports. This is because, at a fundamental level, most companies will benefit heavily from a performance management solution that guarantees effective coaching and consistent feedback between the team members and also the supervisors.

Here Are A Few Critical Things To Look For In Performance Solutions.


Be certain to look for documentation functionality. The best method for conducting an efficient one-to-one meeting is to have a direct report send a plan in advance of, and a review after, the one-to-one meeting. This allows both parties to develop for discussion, and it ensures written documentation of those discussions.

This gives managers and team members the capability to document any attention, requests or performance issues. The more delicate an item is, the more particular should be presented in summary. Should HR need to mature involved in any problems, this record of documentation will benefit the company.

Manager insight

One-to-one conferences provide a terminal for regular coaching and feedback, but they have to be continuously held for this to occur. One challenge can be supporting managers accountable for attending these meetings with their immediate reports. 

Achieving a solution that allows HR software to review the documentation outlined above allows those managers to ensure one-to-ones are obtaining held and being held correctly.

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All-In-One Functionality

When it comes to HR tech, there are usually two choices for companies – standalone answers that mark just one piece of the HR ecosystem or all-in-one benefits. If you have very different performance management needs, you may help from a standalone solution that has a more strong mechanism.

But for small businesses looking to achieve a performance management solution alongside optimizing the rest of HR administration, an all-in-one option will probably provide more than enough functionality.

With an all-in-one solution, HR administrators and employees only have to become close with one system, as opposed to maintaining multiple, different HR platforms for advantages enrollment, time-tracking, performance management software and more. For small businesses, a software resolution that allows supervisors and HR to insure consistent coaching and document performance over time will give the best results.