Seiko is one of the most notable watch brands all over the world. Their mechanical watches are considered luxury timepieces not just because of the price tag, but the quality, the build and the expertise of watch master craftsmen are a class apart. All the components of the best Seiko watches are assembled by hand by the masters of the brand having decades of experience.

Watch experts typically prefer swiss watches over anything or any other brand. However, besides swiss made watches, watch experts have ranked the Seiko watches among the best. If you are planning to own a Seiko watch, visit the best online watch store to appreciate the build and buy a masterpiece of expert craftsmanship.

So, the question is; why is Seiko ranked the best? Well, the following text will explain the features which are uniquely present in Seiko and not in others.

First of all, most swiss brands such as swatch categorizes their brand into sub-brands depending on the price range. They have separate sub-brand for low-price watches such as Hamilton while mediumly priced watches are under the sub-brand omega or Breguet to mention a few.

On the contrary, Seiko does not prefer to follow these categories, Seiko watch can be purchased for under 60 GBP as well as some watches can be priced at 6000 GBP or even more. The price does not matter, you are buying a Seiko any way. Both watches are Seiko watches and only the customer can tell the difference. This is a great thing for Seiko as people on a low budget can also afford to buy a Seiko.

Most people are reluctant to buy an expensive Seiko watch, and people spend too much time and attention on whether their money is well-spent or not if the Seiko is above 700 GBP. Even some do not believe, the Seiko watches are ranked by the watch expert on the basis of the fact that Seiko provides what you pay for it.

In addition to that, Seiko cares about the people on low budget. Everyone will tell you that mechanical watches may cost you a fortune, and this is true if you exclude the Seiko 5 model. Seiko used to make budget mechanical watches well before the quartz watches took over the low-price watch market. You can buy a Seiko 5 model even now for under 60 GBP. This is a question for a businessman that why does Seiko do that? Well, Seiko has done that in the past and continues to do this in the present. Seiko believes the Seiko 5 watch is the luxury that everyone can afford.

Seiko has always relied on best technology and is always working to improve this technology. The latest kinetic models coupled with solar power is the new direction of research and development section of Seiko. For a Japanese brand, Seiko has made and kept its place in the list of affordable and luxury watches as well.