Website management platforms help in building a website, and designing it the way one wants and then ‘managing’ it by allowing regular updates when needed.
There are many of these available these days, and each comes with some unique quality of its own, besides the basic website building capability.

But what really is a website management platform’s value addition?

Everyone looks for quick and efficient solutions these days when it comes to building something. And building a website is no easy process, as it involves deciding the design, collecting requirements and resources, deciding on the content to be added; after all these, putting together all the elements and create the website, and manage it.

The main value-adding characteristic of a website management software is that it lets the users to efficiently manage the website they have built, even after it has been launched or made live.

A software that lets you to not just build a website or multiple websites but enable their regular updates simultaneously is like an all-in-one solution for anyone wanting to make a website.

In addition, some website builders, that are way more user-friendly, also provide the facility to accommodate multiple team members and enable the added members to make edits to the website, from anywhere. Keeping all the team members on the same place lets everyone have real-time access to the current state of the project.

As a result, the whole team can work together, and do updates on the website, without necessarily having to all be in the same place at the same time. This feature adds further value to a website management platform.

A website builder software is mainly intended for creating or building a website, but most of the builder software available today have the option of managing websites efficiently. However, the feature is much more efficient and easy to use in some, as compared to the rest.

While there are many web ops software (like Pantheon) that assist in managing updates for websites made using builders such as WordPress and Drupal, some relatively new and efficient website management platforms have this feature in-built.

One such software is PageWyze. This is a website management platform that allows you to build a website, manage updates from across different devices and locations and also allow adding team members to a website project, and thus give them access to edit the site.

You could use any of these options, which add value to your website building experience.