As we talk about the marketing for this digital age, the first channels or the first thing that comes to the minds of marketers and brands is social media platforms.

Brands & marketers have marked social media as their primary marketing and communications channels. The reasons for such valuable importance of social media have been evident to everyone i.e. content and engagement elements. 

But now the brands have started looking for opportunities that can expand the social media benefits to other marketing channels through the expansion of content and Social media aggregator has emerged as the perfect solution for this. 

What Is A Social Media Aggregator?

A Social media aggregator as the name suggests, is an aggregation tool that lets you discover, collect, curate social media content into a single social feed and display it marketing channels such as website, events, emails, outdoor advertising, in-store displays, etc.

You can aggregate content from any specific social media platform or multiple social platforms collectively such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc, and many more. 

The social media aggregator lets you collect content using hashtags, handles, profiles, pages, mentions, tags, business ID, channels, and much more options depending on the platform. 

The process is called social media aggregation and content that you aggregate in a feed is called social media feed, or social wall, social media wall, or social feed, etc. You can create particular feeds like Instagram wall, Twitter Wall, Facebook Wall, etc. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Social media aggregator in your marketing, 

Benefits Of Socia Media Aggregator

  1. Access To Valuable Content 

As marketers & brands, we know that content is the most important and challenging element for any marketing strategy irrespective of the channel of distribution.

So, it is a constant hassle for brands to create content that they can leverage in marketing and it leads to huge investments in time, labor, and resources leading to the higher marketing budget. 

Social media aggregator helps in creating a stream of valuable content with minimum time investment and almost no labor & resources investments. You can aggregate valuable content from social media anytime and anywhere within minutes. 

You can also create a hub of content by collecting all the relevant and useful content instantly for the future. This makes the content cost-efficient and maximizes your possibilities of a higher return on investments.

  1. Diverse & Creative Content Strategy 

As a brand, when you produce content in-house there are only limited minds working on it leading to limiting the diversity and creativity of your content for marketing. 

But with social media, you can leverage branded content, or influencers content or user-generated content that magnifies the creativity & diversity as unlimited minds have created that content with their own perceptions & thought processes. 

So, this makes the content highly creative, intriguing and engaging where you can use the social media aggregator to discover such content and collect all that content that can be fruitful to your brand. 

Like when you create hashtags campaigns or find content around any hashtags, the tool will help you to find the perfectly valuable content and remove any irrelevant or basic content from the feed. 

  1. UGC Marketing For Social Proof

Social media is a hub of user-generated content with billions of people sharing huge amounts of content on different platforms from different demographics. 

This user-generated content in marketing context is known to be the most valuable content as it shared by the real customers based on their real experiences with brand. 

This, the UGC is the most authentic, reliable, credible and trustworthy form of content for marketing that helps in showcasing the credibility and authenticity of the brand and build social proof among the consumers. 

Mostly the user-generated content is created around the hashtag campaigns so social media aggregators can easily discover and curate UGC from any social media platform with minutes using an or multiple hashtags.

  1. Drive Audience Engagement

The major reason for the success of social media platforms is the level of user engagement they get on a continuous basis and the reason for such engagement is having powerful and influential content. 

The engagement for any marketing strategy defines its success and engagement in marketing is driven by the content. So social media aggregators can help you drive audience engagement through content. 

You can aggregate content in a feed, customize the feed to make it more attractive and exciting, moderate the content to keep the best quality content and display it different channels creatively.

This will allow you to display the best content and engage the audience in your campaigns. You can even drive engagement in real-time by allowing users to participate in the campaigns or share their content with the campaigns and get featured. 

  1. Boost Your Conversions & Brand Identity

We can discuss as many benefits as we want but conversions and sales are still one of the most important objectives of any marketing campaign and social media aggregator helps in achieving that. 

As we discussed that content drive marketing success so you can use social media aggregator to display valuable and trustable content across marketing to build trust & drive engagement. Trust & engagement are positively correlated with increasing conversions. 

Also, the conversions will increase more as it will help you expand your marketing reach, exposure, and awareness leading to more traffic along with more information and engagement in lesser time through social media feeds helping in making favorable conversion decisions. 

This all will hugely help in uplifting the brand image and gain an edge over the competitors in the marketing along with greater possibilities for more following, brand advocacy, positive word of mouth, loyalty, etc. 


These were some of the best benefits of social media aggregators for marketing and there are many features and functionalities that can help you expand your marketing to new realms & opportunities. 

Features such as UGC rights management, measuring performance through in-built powerful analytics, branded promotions, sponsorship revenue, etc. are also a part of social media aggregators

So, find the best social media aggregator and start creating social media feeds for your marketing.