A gold skull necklace is among the oldest and the most effective symbols that are known to humanity and it’s not surprising that skull jewelry has developed a fashion trend that’s quite popular. Whether it’s the gold plated Cuban link bracelet or the skull necklace, today, everything is welcomed by the fashionistas in the market. 

In the present era, you might have seen that the skull bell button rings, skull rings, skull engagement rings, and other things have been trending and this is all because of the choices of the customers. Unlike all the other accessories, a man’s masculinity is defined well by the skull jewelry. 

Here are some of the reasons why the gold skull necklace is popular – 

  • Toughness and Bravery

From ancient times, the rings with the ‘Death’s’ head was meant to be the manifestations of one’s approval in the social underworld. This was inspired by the symbolism of skull jewelry, other groups like bike gangs, and the gun clubs wearing the membership to signify the skull jewelry. Skull was a symbol that was used to represent risk, bravery, and toughness. It was worn by members who want to identify themselves as tough, brave and adventurous. Men usually wear the skull rings to display strength and show confidence in their personality. 

  • Celebration of Life

In ancient times, some of the civilizations like Aztecs and Egyptians were seen as the most important symbols to depict their strong personality. This was also known as the cycle of rebirth and death. While preparing for the ceremonies, there were many members of the group who used to create jewelry that’s attractive and powerful and skull jewelry was one of them. 

  • Fashion and Appeal

Most of the time, people use the skull rings, bracelets, necklaces, body piercings that are more of a style appeal than anything else. There are men and women who use the designer rings with silver, diamonds, gemstones, and gold to flaunt their taste which is quite expensive. This trend has been embraced by the style industry because there are many meanings that are linked to the skull. The flexibility of this structure is something that increases the allure of the skull jewelry for many customers. There are crossbones that symbolizes threat, eternity or toxin, then there are crosses which represent humanity’s beginning, snakes that depict knowledge of the next world, immortality, butterflies that depict the changing rules and nature of life, wings that signify the freedom of soul, bows that represent the current female embrace of the skull and many other connotations. This is why the skull accessories are used for the fashionable appeal. 


On the whole, you will see the stars, celebrities and the fashion icons pairing the skull jewelry with their garments. The skull is one of the symbols that are apparent in society today. It’s quite unattractive and stylish and is more than an accessory. With its significance and versatility, skull jewelry promises to remain a fad for a very long time. There were many cultures in the history that wore skulls as the symbol of power. In the late 16th century, the Venetian painters used the skull and continued to use it to remember the dead. Then, there were Egyptians and Aztecs who used skull as the symbol of rebirth and cycle of death. During these times, death wasn’t surrounded by stigma as it’s seen today. To sum up, the skull today can be viewed as an edgy fashion statement for the users. This is what the gold skull necklace depicts!