Over the triumphed years Joomla has won several awards and it is confected on a model view controller web application configuration that can be used unaided of the CMS which allows creating powerful web applications.

Joomla is used for small business websites, online newspapers and magazines, non-profit organization and government websites, personal or family homepages.

What are Joomla Development Services  and tip?

Joomla Development Services are

  • Joomla Website development
  • Joomla Theme customization
  • Joomla Application development
  • Joomla customization services
  • Joomla Extension integration
  • Custom Modules development
  • Joomla Website Maintenance

Joomla Website Development:

Joomla website is beginner than Drupal, to build a Joomla website register a domain and find hosting services. After installing Joomla start setting up and create a template design and use designs and install extensions

Joomla Theme customization:

Joomla is user-friendly than Drupal and custom based theme can be developed with the help of Joomla where u got to install its extension and check about the theme and run on a basic version of PHP or any other language which you choose

Joomla Application Development

Joomla framework is free and open-source software and it is much friendlier than Drupal and it uses PHP framework for writing web and command-line actions and provides a structurally strong foundation

Joomla customization services

Customized Joomla Services helps in improvisation of your website and it also helps in improving your Search engine optimisation and makes your website looks advanced and it also helps in improving security reasons for your website.

Joomla Extension Integration

Joomla Extension Integration is useful for E-commerce application where your products are optimised and brings up a better market reach and extensions also improves your security reason for your website where phishing attacks can be reduced.

Custom Module Development

Custom Module Development is written in PHP and it is also open-source server-side scripting language which is used for creation of dynamic languages. By using custom module development you can also use extensions.

Joomla website maintenance

Maintaining a Joomla Website is essential because the most central part of Joomla is the database. It is necessary to clear up data and make sure that your Joomla is up-to-date. 


  • Keep updating Joomla because CMS helps in improving and fixing up bugs so it is important to update Joomla.
  • Keep updating your extensions for security reasons and make it compatible which most of the developers fail to do
  • Joomla extensions are proven to have more vulnerability so it is important to delete any de-functioning extensions
  • Regular backup is essential to safeguard data.

What are the advantages of Joomla?

  • Joomla is an open source platform which allows to code and it also has hundreds of extensions
  • Joomla acts as a great support to e-commerce platform
  • Joomla takes less than a minute to download and install
  • Joomla uses PHP scripts, which is widely used language among all the developers and it is more compatible.
  • Joomla can be used for small businesses and can be expanded when it is needed. Even with basic knowledge you can run your Joomla website
  • It has larger community so advices and ideas can be given to assist in building websites
  • No more third-party is needed to achieve your scale of ranking it is SEO compatible.

What are the disadvantages of Joomla?

  • Joomla is slightly complex and makes it incorporate own designs without the help of developers
  • It has compatibility issues when installed on several modules and extensions.
  • It’s expandability has server issues and affects its efficiency
  • It has only limited adjustment options
  • It has compatibility issues with some plug-in.

Why Joomla Development Company in India

Joomla is one of the most trending open-source platforms because it is available for free of cost and it has generic features which help in enhancing overall business. Joomla has become the most favourite for developers to develop e-commerce websites since it has various extensions which help in the promotion of the business and makes it user-friendly to both client and developers.

Joomla companies in India create the best designs so that every business person can handle a website and run their business successfully.  Joomla is user-friendly than Drupal.


Every developer must go with Joomla because of its user-friendly environment and it content management system which is available as open-source and helps in revamping the websites security reason. Joomla is considered to be the most popular among developers. Joomla is more friendly than Word Press because of its SEO optimization which helps the users to set meta description and keywords to set.