It is difficult to imagine the modern world without wireless technology. Whether it is a cellular network, daily used Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or any other communication device, these all rely on different kinds of wireless networks.

History of wireless technology.

The history of wireless communication is as old as 1880 when radio waves were discovered but radio waves were only used to send audio messages. A decade later when computers were being developed at a large scale the first wireless network which came into existence was called ethernet. We still see an Ethernet port in our modern computers.

Later in the year 1991 cellular 2G networks were discovered which are still being used in most of the mobile phones to make calls. In the year 1997 the first ever wi-fi network was established which was a Personal area network (PAN).

Types of wireless networks.

The wireless technologies are categorised based upon the area they cover, below we have listed and explained most common wireless networks.

Personal Area Networks (PAN).

This is the network having shortest range among all, Personal area network has a coverage of around 10-30 feet. Bluetooth and wi-fi are the most common type of Personal area network. This network can be used to transfer data between two devices placed at a relatively smaller distance. In modern mobile devices Bluetooth is used in audio equipment like Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones. A wi-fi network is excellent way to share high speed internet among a number of devices due to its high data transfer speed.

Local Area Networks (LAN)

This type of network is just the stronger version of wi-fi, which can be used to connect two or more devices placed in two different buildings. To create a stronger wireless network some additional devices called as router are also used. A router is connected with the help of OFC coming from another place and then router converts those signals into Wi-fi. Computers or other devices having Wi-Fi receivers can capture the data transmitted.

Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Metropolitan area networks as the name describes are the networks spread over a size of large metro cities. This type of networks is created by connecting a number of local area network. This type of network is used to interconnect branches of offices and banks. 

In starting the Metropolitan area networks were provided by telecom companies by connecting various LAN with a single optical fibre cable. But later many organisations started creating their own private MAN networks.

Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN)

As the name defines wide area networks that are spread across the cities and towns. These are wireless and contains various access points and gateways to travel from one place to another. Ranches of offices situated far away from each other are connected through this wireless system. This network is also used to provide public internet.

Cellular Network.

This is the most common network that most of the mobile phone use to receive and make calls. This network additionally carries internet data. Each cell phone has an antenna which is connected to a main tower nearest to that cell phone. Each tower is connected with another. When data is transmitted from a cell phone it first goes to the tower to which his phone is connected. After receiving the data at local antenna, data is transferred through one tower to another in order to reach receiver.

It may sound like a slow and tedious process but it happens at a very high speed.


Wireless technology that we see today belongs to the same principal. Whether it’s a small Bluetooth speaker or a large satellite system all uses radio waves to transfer data between devices. In future we can see more advanced and well-developed networks but hopefully transmission technology will remain same.