Turkey is one of the few countries that span more than one continent. Due to the presence of natural scenery, mountains, forest, and waterfalls, Turkey is unquestionably a pleasant surprise for the senses. It also has a perfect mix of modern and historical cities. Alpine pastures and secluded beaches individually express the beauty of Turkey. If you have exhausted after touring in various countries, we recommend you to make Turkey your next destination.
Apart from historical places, Turkey also boasts all sorts of delicious meals. Turkish meals have both the Asian and European touch. People from all across the globe come here just to taste the most exquisite meals in the world.

Here, we have outlined all the must-visit places in Turkey for your next holiday. This article is like a reading journey of Turkey, where you will explore all the enchanting cities. So, it’s time to start our journey.

1.     Istanbul

Istanbul is our first stop in the journey of exploring the most captivating places in Turkey. The city is located on two continents and is divided by Bosporus Strait. The stunning aerial shots of beautiful mosques give you a magical feeling of serenity. Furthermore, Istanbul also holds strategic importance due to the historic Silk Road between Europe and the Middle East.

Apart from visiting the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar, you will also have the opportunity to experience the dance of Whirling Dervishes. Lastly, if you are tired after touring for the whole day, then you can visit Taksim Square to taste a cup of hot Turkish tea.

2.     Bodrum

It would not be an overstatement if we say that Bodrum is a world-famous gateway for beach enthusiasts. The city is located near the Aegean Sea and offers a lively vibe for the visitors. Due to its enviable location, many Turks have opened lavish hotels and cafes that are attended by thousands of people each day. The most prominent places in the Bodrum are:

  • Bodrum Castle
  • Underwater Archaeology Museum
  • Myndos Gate
  • Bodrum Theatre

3.     Trabzon

In Trabzon, you will discover two-way fun. The place is located at a place where there is sea on one side and the Pontic Mountains on the other, thereby creating an aura of hill-station. You can enjoy the sunset over the black sea, pay respect to the nation’s founding father, and spend a night near the Uzun Gol. Another thing that distinguishes Trabzon from all the other cities is the existence of second Hagia Sophia that is a little bit different from the one in Istanbul.

4.     Fethiye

Located on Turkey’s southwestern coast, Fethiye is a coastal city and is particularly known for its natural harbor. The stunning blue water and historical places nearby will put a charming impression on your mind. Furthermore, you can also explore some of the fascinating beaches by touring through a boat. During the trip, you will explore:

  • Hidden beaches
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Paragliding points

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5.     Ephesus

Even though Italy and Greece have their own share of ancient sites, however, Ephesus is also not behind when it comes to historical antiques. The city of Ephesus has a lot of giant monuments and marble-columned roads. Touring to this city will offer you hands-on experience of the lifestyle of the people of the Roman Empire. Here you will find ancient sites such as

  • Temple of Artemis
  • Seven churches of Asia

It would take you more than half a day to cover all the significant highlights of the city. Therefore, it is imperative to plan everything ahead so that you do not miss the adventure.

6.     Topkapi Palace

Magnificent beyond imagination, Topkapi Palace will take you to the marvelous world of sultans. It was the city where the sultans of the Ottoman era carved out their empire that extended from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. The lavish interiors give you a practical glimpse of the glory of the Ottoman Empire. Now open to the public, the surrounding gardens were once the Royal Courts. You will feel a sense of privilege while walking through the walls of the palace.

7.     Duden Waterfalls

Duden Waterfall consists of two parts; upper and lower parts. The flow of the first part of the waterfall is towards trees, while the second part is directed towards the ocean. Locals, as well as foreign tourists, come here to fend off the heat of the scorching sun. In addition to this, the Duden waterfalls also help the Turkish economy by generating revenues through tourism.

Bottom line

When there are so many captivating places, it is hard to choose only one. It might require you more than two months to visit all the top spots in Turkey. However, availing the features of Faremakers flight Promotions will help you in all your traveling endeavors.