A bridal shower party without a delicious cake is just a meeting. The celebrations before your big day must be memorable ones. Invite over your friends to have a blast and serve them with the sweet confectionaries baked according to the latest trend.

 If you find the old traditional recipes and cake designs lovely, you have a wide array of options. It’s your day and making changes to the party is your primary right. Some brides like to serve their guests with trendy cake designs paired up with their favorite flavors. 

Find yourself a baker who takes your wish as their command when it comes to bridal shower cakes in Glendale CA.  I have compiled a list of top 7 cake trends for the year 2020.

1. Edible Flower Decorations

Edible flower decorations are on a fast track to be a major cake trend in 2020. You can accent the bridal shower cake with elaborate cascading flowers of soft colors or floral cake toppers. It is a fancy way to add botanical elements like flowers and leaves to your cake table. 

Edible flowers are gaining popularity as they become a part of dessert plates rather than in the dustbin. Try using petals from flowers such as marigolds, violets, pansies,  or roses to make an everlasting impression.

2. Deckle Edges

Smooth and even edges are being replaced by deckle edges for a change. The cake edges are left a little rough to add texture. The undeniably sweet deckle cake edges give an illusion of drapes around your cake. 

If you are planning on a romantic theme, deckle edges can complement the decorations perfectly. You can choose a cake with multiple tiers of deckle edges and glam it up with gold detailing. Ultra glam look is going to cost you some extra dollars.

3. Tile Prints

The year 2020 has witnessed some of the boldest cake trends. Few to name are the Moroccan inspired patterns, terrazzo and tile prints. 

Brides who want to make a statement with eye-catching elements like bold and bright colors, geometric patterns and metallic foils, tile prints are a perfect blend. You can request your favorite tile design made with edible ink and special printing technology.

 If you are ready to pay a hefty amount for the labor, the bakers at Glendale CA can create exact replicas for you. When you are unsure about the right tile pattern for your bridal shower cake, take a look around the party venue. If you find some interesting tile designs, make your cake a part of the venue.   

4. Abstract Or Impressionist Details

Are you a detail-oriented person? Getting impressionist details on your bridal shower cake is a popular trend for this year. Abstract details look pretty and attractive on a bridal shower cake. You can choose between soft brushstrokes, whimsical swirling patterns or delicate floral. 

Make sure to scoop out a huge budget for your bridal shower when you want intricate details. Creating one-of-a-kind art demands costly materials, expertise and a lot of time.

5. Crepe Stacks

If you have searched Instagram for cake inspirations, crepe stacks must have been through your feed. It is not exactly a cake but a unique dessert. 

You can decorate crepe stacks just like a wedding cake and easily avoid requesting a traditional cake. It is a perfect choice if you want to impress your friends on your bridal shower day. 

Request custom bridal shower cake for your celebrations in Glendale CA. If you want to give a personal touch to your bridal shower celebrations, bake a cake at home with your best recipe.

6. Alternative Designs

There is a wide variety of alternative designs when you are bored with traditional designs. A few popular untraditional cake ideas include pancake stacks, macaron cakes, cheese wheel cakes, and donut towers. 

There are no rules for it! Get your creative juices flowing to think of a unique dessert. You can request your baker to show you some previous works so you can have some ideas. You can find tons and tons of inspiration on Instagram and Facebook. 

Don’t forget to consider the weather before you finalize a design. Extreme temperatures can limit down your options when it comes to cake frostings and designs.  

7. Cake Toppers

Putting a cake topper on the cake top is not a recent trend but is here to stay. The designs and styles of cake toppers keep on evolving over the years. 

Writings or decorative figurines are often part of the decorative theme. Get yourself a glittery Bride-to-be cake topper for the classic touch. Best Bridal Shower Cakes almost always have an impressive cake topper!

A single most important tip is to never miss the cake tasting ceremony for the perfect blend of flavors.