As summer’s approach makes people pack their winter clothing away, they are also looking out for the latest summer clothing. Summer is all about leisure and good times. Summer brings good times and people can do all the things they couldn’t when winter had buried almost everything under thick sheets of snow.

Everybody is super active walking and running around and swimming. And for vacationers, summer means beach vacation and beach vacation means an excuse to buy beach clothes. Beach clothing is not always all about triangle bikini tops and bottoms. There is a whole range of clothing falling under this category. Women slip into bikinis when they want the sun’s rays to fall on their skin or to go swimming and playing in the water.

There are a lot of other pieces of summer clothing that garner tons of likes and comments on Instagram, Facebook and other social medias. So, if you are selling clothing for women, online or offline, there are many absolute best-sellers that can keep your brick and mortar store crowded with buyers or bring a boatload of traffic to your online store. Following are the wholesale beach clothes you should be selling this summer:

Tie-Dye Sarongs

The traditional dress of the seafaring peoples from the Malay Peninsula, the sarong has made it to almost every part of the world. It is now an essential part of beach fashion. Visit a website selling wholesale beach clothing online and you will find beautiful tie-dye sarongs in a wide range of designs and colors. A sarong featuring a star-burst design is the most popular one.

Rainbow Spiral Tie-Dye Convertible Dress/Skirt

A beautiful beachwear staple featuring a bright and colorful rainbow spiral, this is the most popular style of sarong dress. It has a strapless elastic bodice allowing you to wear it as a skirt as well.

Rainbow Spiral Tie-Dye Fairy Sarong Dress

Put on this rainbow spiral tie-dye fairy sarong dress and show your colorful personality without a hitch. Made from rainbow spiral sarong, this colorful and light-weight sarong dress comes with adjustable spaghetti-straps, elastic bodice and a handkerchief hem.

Rainbow Spiral Sarong Tank Dress

Being 100% rayon, the rainbow spiral sarong tank dress feels soft and comfortable against the skin. It is a bright and colorful tank dress with a fully elastic(shirred) top. It is ideal for women who want a little extra coverage.

White Sarong Tank Dress

Some women need a blank space where they can experiment and bring their tie-dye skills to action. This white sarong tank dress is for those women. She can use it as a white garment as well.