When thinking of some of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe but despite appearances he is actually super strong and is probably one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. While we might think of him as being wiry now in terms of his appearance there were times in the 90s and early 2000s. When he was looking actually super swollen in those comics I’ve seen it. Today we’re going to look at how strong, smart and powerful spider-man is.

10 Sauron

Sauron might not be the most conventional of mutants in the sense that he wasn’t born a mutant he was mutated from a human to Pteranodon. After suffering an attack from gigantic Tirana Dons who escaped the Savage Land their bites transformed him. So that not only did he now resemble them but he also found he had the ability and need to be and drain on the life-force energy of others. To survive think he found that out through his dog too which is no dog so well not immune in the same way that the x-men are being heavily mutated. I think we can count him as a mutant for the purpose of this list spider-man and his team of x-men classmates ended up teaming up and defeating Sauron in spider-man and the x-men. You heard me right there is a mini-series where spider-man joins the x-men and is put in charge of a class even though he’s a not it’s not quite a mutant but he’s a mutate so I guess we’re goanna take a this is fine.

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9 Dead pool 

Speaking of mutates these two have crossed paths quite a few times now although I’m still waiting for that MCU team-up for them come on Marvel Disney make this happen for us. It needs to be a thing but while Dead pool is usually seen as a huge Spidey fan and spider-man for the most part tries to be good about tolerating Dead pool’s ridiculous behavior. And sometimes he’s actually even a fan of him too in the ultimate spider-man cartoon. Spider-man gets pulled into Dead pool zany world to battle in tech pools reality-warping mind a spider-man becomes just a whale and Dead pool. The harpooner that is hunting him with puns that’s right this actually leads to a pun off full of verbal insults and zingers which ends with spider-man defeating him by throwing the figurative and literal book at him. The book of morality nothing knocks out Dead pool like smacking him with the hard and hefty weight of responsibility and like I said. I know Dead pool isn’t really a full mutant and is considered a mutate but I was willing to consider him an honorable mutant for this list. Because I just can’t resist an opportunity to talk about spider-man and Dead pool’s relationship. 

8 Angel 

These two ran into one another in an issue of Marvel team-up volume 1 issue number 4 featuring spider-man and the x-men like most team ups. This one starts with the x-men coming to blows with spider-man after Professor Xavier reads an article in the newspaper that tells him that a scientist and a former colleague of his has been kidnapped by the masked vigilante. You also can watch on MovieHustle your favorite web series free. Spider-man first up is Warren Worthington the third angel understandably angel is a no match for spider-man who already had practice. When it came to flying enemies thanks to his own villain the vulture he has run-ins with the vulture pretty early on in his own series so Webb being combined with his quick reflexes and acrobatics allow them to easily beat angel. In one-on-one combat so if you think just because you can fly goanna be able to get away.

7 Night crawler 

The first time these two fought it was an even match although I will say that Spiderman it looked to me that he actually had the upper hand. It also happened in his own series and amazing spider-man issue 161 which bodes well for our web singing hero should they have actually needed to come to blows actually have a bite. This is one of those misunderstanding fights as team-ups usually go and like most instances of superheroes fighting one another. This of course was just a misunderstanding Night crawler and Spider Man and both thought that the other actually might be a murderer who they both happen to trying to be tracked down. At the same time and at the end of the issue The Punisher would actually show up to complicate things. Further then he would get involved the first fight between Night crawler and spider-man ends with spider-man and managing to ping Night crawler down. But unfortunately Kurt teleports away before Spidey can turn him in to the authorities but we’ve also seen a Spider Man full-on be Curt in a fight that I’m going to dive into later in this list.

6 Cyclops 

You would think that optic blasts beat spider-man right like you could cook a spider with an optical glass can you just blasted parter well you’d be wrong. Cyclops actually has had a few attempts at trying to blast spider-man in the comics but even with his insane level of precision with his optic blasts. While using his visor the problem he runs into is he can never actually hit spider-man. Spider-man is simply too agile and always manages to dodge Cyclops’s attacks we also see this in the Marvel team-up issue that I was talking about earlier issue number four. And Jean Grey is the one who actually has to step in to get the job done when it comes to capturing spider-man using her telekinesis and yet in the same issue. She somehow manages to momentarily get kidnapped by Morbius. She goes from being like the most powerful to be like oh no I’m kidnapped I was like wait but can’t you just telekinesis Morbius I’m not writing this obviously I’m not writing these old-school comics so it’s not up to me.

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