One thing that definitely makes boys and men wonder is how to impress a girl or woman. It is believed that men and women find it very difficult to understand each other. It is in fact even more difficult for men to understand women and this is the reason why most people joke that men are from Mars and women are from Venus i.e. two different planets. How to impress a girl is a very long process that involves a lot of stages like how to approach a girl, what tone of voice to use while speaking to them, how you treat them and many more. The fact still remains that the methods are very similar when you are thinking about how to attract a girl, how to get a girl to like you, how to flirt with women, how to pick up girls etc.

This article will cover a few tips that you can use when thinking about how to impress a girl or a woman and they are as follows:

Try to be yourself:

. If you try and pretend or copy someone else, this will be an instant turn off for the girl or lady. Girls like guys who are themselves because the first impression that you make is usually the last impression.

Do not spend your time thinking of how to impress a girl when you are actually trying to do so because you might end up losing your originality. If you try too hard, the girl might end up labeling you a showoff and this would be a great failure on your part because she will definitely not give you the time of day eve again. The key is to be your own self and let things take place themselves. You stand a way better chance if you let nature take its course.

Do not go flashing your money around the girl:

This is a very big mistake that most men make. When they think about how to impress a girl, they think about splashing money. If a girl is with you because of money, then she is only interested in the money and not the guy. Other than material things, girls looking for a caring guy who talks and presents himself in a good manner and also has a great sense of humor. If you have these qualities, the girl is likely not to even notice the fact that you have no money.

When it comes to impressing a girl, being different or doing unique things for the girl will definitely impress her. Girls love experiencing unique things and if you are the one who will make her experience new things, then she will always remember you as the one who made those experiences possible.

Try and kick start a conversation:

That the girl could join and contribute to. This requires you to be quite knowledgable in a lot of things and also know what the lady or girl finds interesting. In order for you to have a wide knowledge base, it is important for you to read a lot and try to stay up to date with the current events that are happening around you. Try to ask some interesting question with the girl

One of the most important things to girls is personal hygiene:

When you are thinking about how to impress a girl, always consider your personal hygiene as the most important factor.  Try and dress smartly with neat and combed hair. Try and be a little humorous but do not be too outspoken because it might offend the lady or girl. Lack of proper hygiene is a definite put off for everyone and not just girls.

Always treat the girl with a lot of respect and give her some space:

If you start bombarding her with a lot of questions of stories without end, you might suffocate her and make her want to leave that place that you are in. The best way to break the ice is by sharing a joke with her or asking her for the time and then praising her watch immediately afterward.

Try flirting with the girl:

You should always try flirting with the girl. Try not to be obsessive when doing this. If you make eye contact with the lady, do not be the one to look away but do not stare for too long either. Give her a light smile when your eyes meet and if she is close to you, touch her shoulder arm or back for a few seconds. Physical contact is a very good way of showing that you are interested but be very careful because if she seems uncomfortable with what you are doing, do not do it again.

Do not criticize her:

Do not criticize her because this might leave a negative impression of you on her. Only criticize her when she asks for constructive criticism from you. Even in such cases, make the criticism as mild as possible because she probably wants you to compliment her thus criticizing her would be a definite anticlimax to the entire situation. This is very important when thinking about how to impress a girl.


Do not ignore her:

Women or girls are emotional beings who love attention. If she sends you a text message or an email, do not ignore it because her sending you a message shows that she has been thinking about you and she wants to chat with you. Replying to her message instantly will show that you always have time for her and this will take her over the roof. Girls love it when you instantly reply to their messages and this will keep her wanting more which is a plus for you.

Play teasing games with her:

This might come as a shock to you but most girls love to be teased depending on their personalities. As long as she knows that you are joking, it is okay and will even result in a stronger bond between the two of you because it removes any tension that you may have had and led to a more relaxed interaction with her. Make sure not to overdo it though and ensure that the humor in the teasing is very clear and identifiable to the girl.

In conclusion, when thinking about how to impress a girl, make sure that you follow the tips in this article.