This is not a new thing at all. First of all, you all know what is a video on demand but still, if you don’t know, let me tell you exactly what is a video on demand. This is almost clear by the name itself. Video on demand is a feature of digital cable that allows you to rent and see movies and programs without the restriction of time and location without going on piracy sites like 123movies.


In earlier days, if you need to watch any movie or any tv show, there are only one or two options such as either watch at the time of aired or you need to go to the DVD shop and get what you were looking for. But now no need to take out extra time from your busy schedule or hectic time table at all.

Is video on demand free?

Not exactly all platforms offer free video on demand but, there are some who provide Free shows — some of the favorite cable networks such as Global, History, Lifetime, Showcase and more. If you subscribe to HBO, SHOWTIME or Cinemax, you can access the movies, series or documentaries on those channels anytime. 

VOD VS video streaming!

VOD is essentially the reverse of live streaming, enabling people to view videos from any internet-connected device such as pc, tablet, tv or mobile phone – at any appropriate moment. … The hectic lifestyles of people produced by contemporary living are the primary reason why they tend to watch on-demand videos.


Much out of the work, you will get a weekend to relax and chill with your favorite show or movie but maybe on weekdays you missed some of the very important episodes or missed the movie that you have been waiting for a long time. There comes the video on demand. If I talk about streaming which is just the opposite of video on demand. There it doesn’t matter if you have time or not, once you missed it, it’s gone and if you want to watch it again. You need to wait for the next streaming time.

What is a video on demand with Dish?

This is quite difficult in the 20s to watch the movie or your television program just by requesting the service provider. Now it’s been asked a lot about  Video on Demand service by DISH Network. Video on Demand, of VOD, is a service that allows you to select from a variety of movies, events, and TV shows and watch them whenever you want, to irrespective of time, location or the device you are having.


VOD and its subsections

While going through VOD, you must have come across the terms SVOD, AVOD, TVOD. these are nothing just some sections of VOD.


SVOD:- subscription video on demand (SVOD), as you all know about this section. In this, you just get the monthly or the yearly subscription by paying money to the service provider. Netflix and amazon prime videos are widely known for SVOD.


Here once you pay then you will be granted with unlimited access to the platform and it’s literally to watch till you drop, meaning there is no limit to the content that you are looking for. The subscription can be canceled at any time of your will while you are in your trial period. If you pay for the whole year that it is quite difficult to get cashback, which will depend on the agreement by the service provider.


TVOD:- this means you paying money to the company for their service and product, just the reverse of subscription VOD. ITune and amazon have this service where you can purchase the product as your convenient. They will not charge you for signing up and creating a profile on their site. You just need to pay for what you are watching, the case is with movies, series, sports or any event.


It has two sections. First is electronic sell-through (EST), where you pay once to get permanent access to your desired content and second is download to rent (DTR), where customers access to content for a small amount of time for a smaller fee.


AVOD:- Advertisement or Ads based. This is totally free for the user or the viewer. In this, you do not need to pay from your pocket. Instead, you have to just use your eyes to pay!! Simply think of youtube, ad revenue is used to offset production and hosting costs. However, premium content owners rarely preferred AVOD over SVOD and TVOD because of low generating revenue.

Some video on demand platform providers

There are ample numbers of VOD platform providers and I am going to discuss some of them below. Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu and Hotstar are many other notable media players are putting a great amount of money on the video on demand market. 

  • Contus Vplay
  • Mirror Image
  • Vplayed
  • Mangomolo
  • Muvi
  • Comcast
  • Brightcove
  • Uscreen

Free VOD platform

Well after going through the paid subscription from Netflix or amazon prime, those are paid platform and you may go there and enjoy your watching. But, the thing is many individuals have wanted to watch their tv shows and movies without paying anything to anyone. 


For that purpose, I have one website that you might want to check out for free video streaming. The site is 123movies. No need to sign up, not need to pay a penny and you will get all your latest movies and tv shows over there.


Somehow if this site is not reachable and blocked by your country, of course, you are getting something for free that means it not lawfully available in your region

Bottom line

This is a great revolution or I can say step toward the movie watching convenient for the people who are busy at their office work or any other regular work. 


Now they have the option for streaming their favorite movie or tv show whenever, wherever or without the restriction of any condition such as time, location and especially device on which they are streaming.


Share your experience and any platform that I need to know, please feel free to drop a comment in the box below.