This blog is to tell you why you should Spend your Spring Holidays in Morocco. Morocco is a very diverse holiday destination full of thrilling experiences and especially in Spring, you can get a bunch of best warm thrills. When I visited Morocco in 2017 for the first time, I didn’t expect this place to be such amazing. My second visit last year allowed me to go to every nook of the place and believe me, it was very inspiring. You should visit Morocco to have a wonderful solo or family experience.

Things to do in Morocco in Spring:

Here is a guide for you to manage your activities in Morocco during your visit to the country in Spring. This list of top attractions and tips to have things there would help you greatly to make your stunning time in Morocco.

Visit Agadir- A Dreamy Warm Destination:

Agadir is a dreamy beachy destination in Morocco. You might have listened about the heavenly beaches many times, exactly those tales were in my mind also. When I visited Agadir, believe me, I was not able to express what I felt being there. Agadir is a land, for every type of experience. If you are traveling there solo or with family, the holiday destination is to serve you with ultimate pleasures in any of the cases.

Get the laid back experience in Morocco’s dreamy Agadir beach, play with your kids there or stroll along with your loved one across the edge of the beautiful water. The refreshing air and environs all around would make a recreational impact in your life. Try sea foods on the top notch restaurants with the beachfront terrace settings. This way you can make it more romantic to enjoy your break.

Stroll in Marrakech’s Streets – Feel it:

Marrakech is all braced to make your spring holiday break an amazing and unique experience of your life. Stay at one of the amazing Riad in the town. When we visited in 2017, we lived near Djema el Fna, a very famous market in Marrakech. So first, visit Djema el Fna to drive your holidays in some unique way. The market is full of charms, delights, and fun. Eat at the Café de France, a very famous name in Marrakech if we talk about the ultimate traditional tastes.

Try a ride on Hot air Balloon in Marrakech. Expect an amazing breakfast on your early morning ride. What an amazing experience it would be to take the traditional breakfast in the hot air balloon ride in the air of Marrakech. It is amazing.

Chefchaouen – The best Destination to visit in Spring:

Spring break is meant to get the ultimate unique pleasures too. After the refreshing and relaxing experiences on the beaches in Morocco, visit Chefchouaen a very unique city to visit. It is all blue. All blue? Yes, every little brick and a small plant pot is painted blue in Chefchouaen. It is a tradition the locals are preserving. Don’t miss to sip the fresh juices on the terrace settings in Chefchouaen, eat on the traditional cafes and restaurants and have fun. Book your Spring Holidays in Morocco and trust me, you are going to take the ultimate experience of your life. Good luck!