Biometric verification plays a vital role

In an online marketplace, user identity is crucial to prevent online frauds and digital scams. Frequent cashback requests can also be reduced to minimal with the help of user authentication systems but there are several problems when it comes to client authentication systems.

Time is taken by an Online Face Verification solution to know who the other person is the most vital problem. So the mode of verification should be chosen wisely that ensures verification in real-time and with accuracy. Biometric verification plays a vital role in this regard. It ensures safety and accuracy and that too in less time than the traditional methods of verification. Scratch 

Application of Biometrics in Real Life.

Biometric verification depends on the features of human beings that are unique and require little effort to differentiate between a scammer and an original person. They act as unique identification markers enabling businesses and user identification solutions to verify the identity of new and existing customers in nearly real-time thus upgrading the processing speed of customer on-boarding. Biometric identification solutions work on fingerprint scanners or iris scanners but the major problem with this kind of user verification is that it is both costly as well as limited in the use.

The cost goes up because of the specialized hardware-based verifications that are necessary for capturing the unique and specialized biometric data from the users.

Collection of that uniquely identifiable data means that the organization or business performing that verification has to make a substantial investment not only in the hardware equipment but they also need to make sure that the data collected is transmitted, stored and protected in line with legal compliances governing their operations.

It is important to weigh in on all the consequences attached to important business technology and most of all to a solution that can act as a make or break business move for your business venture.

It is important for a business to integrate a biometric verification with making sure that all their bases are covered when it comes:

  • to compliance
  • regulatory guideline
  • related homework that needs to be done related to sensitive data of the end-user that is collected during the identity verification process. Businesses need to be vigilant while dealing with sensitive data. 

Account takeover is one of the major concerns of online businesses when it comes to digital fraud and identity theft maneuvers. Biometric verification combat against any kind of fraud.

 But the lessons learned during the recent debacle of FaceApp mean that quality of service is not the only thing that can help a business to bring onboard a large clientele but it also means that the entire compliance and privacy policy needs to be airtight before the implementation of such a solution.

It has become harder for online businesses to integrate a biometric identification solution without showing any regard for user rights due to GDPR regulations. Especially with credentials as vital as facial features, the scrutiny of a global business that takes the regulatory guidelines lightly will be truly diligent in letter and spirit.

Like any new technology, biometric authentication is going to play a vital part in taking online marketplace and digital service delivery models to the next level.

But it is important that protection against online frauds is not earned at the cost of the rights and privacy of online users that have trusted their private and personal information with their favored online platform. Instantaneous verifications can be achieved by online businesses without having to spend a fortune on identity verification modules but the responsibility of using the verification solution responsibly is also important. We can’t stop the tide but we can surely manage it.