Travelling doesn’t always to be in group or more than one. A solo travelling can be a new whole experience with different vibes. If you want to have a short escape from your boring routine and in the same time, you’re having trouble to match the timing with your travel gang, solo travelling can be a good alternative.

However, the things that are quite different here. While you will have less worry when travel in group, you need to be more cautious when it comes to solo travelling. Solo travelling can make you more vulnerable from the bad people out there. From the other side, you can have more freedom in term of schedule and place to go. We’re going to list down life hacks that you should prepare before solo travel:


  • Plan a proper itinerary and schedule


As you have more freedom when solo travelling, you still need to plan a proper itinerary about which place you want to visit. 

Book a proper hotel and invest more on the place you’re going to stay. You can see it from the review in the internet on what people have experienced about that hotel. Other than that, you should also pay attention on the safety of the location where your hotel is located.


  • Tell Someone About Your Plan


After making all the itinerary and plan, copy one and tell your family or your close friend. This is for your safety purpose in case if anything happened to you, it’s easier for them to track you based on the location that you initially plan.


  • Safety First


Solo travelling makes you more vulnerable to the crime as compare to group travelling. Be more cautious on your surrounding and just walk away if there is someone trying to annoy you. Don’t go back to your hotel late at night as we all know the crime rate is higher during night.



  • Put Emergency Contact


Create a small paper and write your emergency contact on it. You can either put your family member or your close friend’s contact number. Put it inside your wallet or you can also snap it and put it as your phone background screen.


  • Make a New Friend


After you reach the place, remember to be friendly to your surroundings. You can also have a little chat with the local there to ask their food or tourism place to visit in that area. Open to a new friend is also a good idea for solo travelling. Normally, other solo travelers are looking for a new friend as well. So, don’t afraid to make a new friend!


  • Do Something New


You should treat solo travelling as an opportunity to do something that you can’t do while you’re travelling with your travel gang or family. If normally your family don’t dare to try some sport activity that you always wish can try, go for it! It’s the best time to try it when you are travelling alone.


  • Spend Quality Me Time


Pamper yourself by doing activities that can make you relax and refresh your mind before getting back to reality. You can go for massage or spa or shopping.

To Conclude

Now you have been equipped by knowledge and tips before travelling alone. If you never done it before, solo travelling might be scary at first. However, it still worth to try as it will change yourself to be more independent person. You will also getting a whole new experience from it. Always remember to travel safe and smart.