• Plan to Study MBBS in Abroad


When you plan to study MBBS in abroad, you want to study in the best medical institute in the world, and sometimes because of some circumstances, you are not able to admission to that. 


  • World’s Best Medical Education


But if there is a country which has the world’s best medical education universities in the world then the number of options in which you can study is numerous then you can always look to study MBBS in Russia


  • World’s Best Medical Universities


It has a large number of world’s best medical universities which are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India) and they are ranked very high on the world stage which gives the students a large number of options to choose from and all of them are better than the other in some ways. 


  • Lots of Opportunities


There are lots of opportunities that a student gets once they graduate from a medical university in Russia. 


  • Job Openings Readily Available


Job openings are readily available for those who have graduated from a top level university from whichever country they have studied in. 


  • Job Prospects after Studying


For the Indian medical students who have questions regarding their future and the job prospects after studying from a top medical university in Russia, they should not worry at all. 

  1. Opportunity to Work across the World

It is because there are many jobs offered for them once they complete their course in not just in Russia but in many countries across the world. 


  • Practice their Degree in India


They can always choose to come back to India to practice their degree given that they have cleared the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test or the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) organized by the MCI (Medical Council of India) to ensure that the students have enough knowledge according to India’s requirements. 


  • Indian Students Easily Clearing FMGE Test


The Russian medical universities ensure thorough knowledge of the course which helps the Indian students in easily clearing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test when the time comes. 


  • A Lot about Medical University of Russia


The most expensive medical university of Russia is cheaper than many of the private medical universities of India which tells a lot about the fee structure of the country. 


  • Accommodation Facilities are Feasible and Affordable


If we talk about the accommodation facilities even those are very feasible and affordable and all the basic amenities are provided to the students. In terms of safety, Russia is highly safe for the students which also include girls.


  • Various Facilities which are Provided in the University


The Far Eastern Federal University is known for various facilities which are provided in the university such as top-quality education, experienced staff, healthy ratio of students and teachers, economical fees, top-notch accommodation facilities, extracurricular activities, libraries with a large collection of books, laboratories with modern tools and equipment, etc. 


  • Facilities have Literally Played an Important Role


All these facilities have literally played an important role in making sure that the university is counted amongst the best of medical universities in the country. 


  • Always Feel Encouraged Towards Studies


The students always feel encouraged towards studies and sports activities at the university. 


  • Clinical and Theoretical Training


The importance of clinical and theoretical training has always been given priority in the university. 


  • Students Remain Fit Mentally and Physically


Also, various sports activities make sure that the students remain fit mentally and physically. 


  • Play Various Sports


The students can play various sports at the university as there is a sports complex for this purpose. 


  • Highly Experienced Faculty


The faculty of the FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) is highly experienced and many of them have studied from many top rated international universities.