As a newbie to the crystal universe, it can be intimidating. There are far too many varieties of crystals – they come in all varied colours, shapes and sizes. So where exactly must you start? Here’s how you can start! This is your ultimate guide to understanding the basics of crystals & crystal healing for beginners

The very first place to start is to begin believing in yourself. Trust that you can find the apt crystal for your needs. Trust that the crystal you find will help heal your spirit and that you may connect well with it. You have to trust that you will find the answers to your questions from within the powers of your crystal.

How to Choose Your Crystal’s Shape? 

Does the shape of your crystal even matter? The process of healing and the properties of the crystal remain the same even though the shape may not be the same. However, will each shape of the same crystal work the same on different people? Highly unlikely, people’s connection with their crystals may vary, and with that variation comes a variety of different connections and experiences. Expecting the end result to be similar is expecting all people to function in the same way, while cultivating different levels of connection with it. The most common shapes of crystals are – tumbled stones, spheres, pyramids, harmonizers, cubes, hearts, points, clusters etc.

What then is a crystal grid?

It can be especially hard to explain why certain crystals stones or shapes are perfect to be sued in crystal grids, especially if one doesn’t know the true meaning of crystal grids. A crystal grid constitutes of a formation of stones that usually has a centre point from where it emanates. Grids are especially useful when it comes to creating intentions and holding onto the energy that emanates from those crystals for a long while. The energies of all varieties of stones kept in the crystal grid combine and synchronize together to amplify the energies and emit the powers manifested through them. 

Always make sure to set stones in your crystal grid that fall in line with your intentions. The very first thing to before going forward with creating crystal grids is to collect all your crystals and then do a deep cleanse on the existing energies. After which you can begin with the process of setting new intentions by firstly, writing them on a paper and then folding them away while saying it out loud. After doing this, open the paper again and set it under the central stone in your crystal grid.

The Cleansing Process for Crystals

No basics are complete for beginners until you learn to cleanse your crystals from any negative energies passed through from the previous owners. You can use the crystals without cleansing them but for the energies to be more effective to your particular need it requires, cleansing. Without cleansing, the crystals can be overloaded with energies and dim out. There are a couple of ways to cleanse the crystals. Some of which are: 

Sage Smoke: In order to purify the energy emitting from the crystals, the easiest and the quickest way to go about cleansing it by immersing it in the smoke of sage. This regular cleansing can help with creating fresh vibrations due to the new energies. 

Using Sunlight and Moonlight: Another easy way to cleanse the crystals is by leaving the crystals in sunlight or moonlight for at least 4 hours. 

Burying: Soil is one of the best places to clean up your crystals. Leaving the crystal stones buried for at least 24 hours can help cleanse them. Please make a note of where exactly you bury them. Please don’t end up losing them. 

These are the few basic things that every beginner must know to start their journey using crystals to set intentions and manifest them in their lives.