Academic content writing requires students to be at the top of their game. The written content must boast of some features that make it accurate and attractive enough to garner acclaim. Most students come up short when trying to make the content more readable and easy to understand for the general audience.

This blog offers an in-depth look into some of the best english essay writing styles for any academic content.

  1. Select the most appropriate approach

Go through your assignment objectives and carefully analyse the stance you have to take. If not explicitly mentioned, you must thoroughly understand the topic and the questions asked before making your choice.

The major writing styles categories are:

  • Analytical

A descriptive approach, where you have to examine and relay your observations on a given topic. Any facts or figure you mention must relate to the observations made.

  • Persuasive

This slant is applicable when you must convince readers to look at things from your point of view. Back up any claims and assumptions with sufficient evidence to make it valid enough for the audience.

  • Critical

The most critical slant of them all, you have to critically examine a relevant observation and deliver your own opinion before offering a better alternative, if any.

  1. Write  for your readers 

The target audiences of your academic paper are your peers and your professors. Keep this in mind and use a formal and professional tone while writing. Describe everything clearly and concisely to make it easier for them to understand your points. Add technical terms where necessary to make your answers relevant.

  1. Show your confidence through your writing 

Use emphatic and affirmative language in your content. Doing so will make it clear to your teachers that you are confident with your research findings. State your observations and then discuss them using proper reason and strong, supporting statements. Write in an emphatic style and show your teachers the hard work you have put in.

  1. Use appropriate language 

Be sure to avoid any colloquialism. Avoid contractions; write “do not” instead of “don’t”. Write in an active voice and use passive voice only when there is no other option. Avoid splitting infinitives. Thus, write “to do this effectively” instead of “to effectively do this”.

  1. Cite all your information sources

Remember to cite any external references that you have used in your paper. This is essential not just for copyright preventions but shows how you were able to develop upon other relevant works in the field.

These assignment writing tips will help you develop content that will be flawless in its presentation, formal in tone and precise in its presentation. Follow them diligently and deliver papers with a class of their own.