I have been in the event industry for more than thirty years and have therefore acquired the largest event rental company in London. There are many pitfalls that customers must consider when renting goods for the event. One of the main mistake’s customers make is cost or request for a quote. In this industry, it is the norm for rental and rental companies that specialize in a line, for example, stage rental, catering equipment, sound equipment or renting a dance floor, etc. Although you can get a dance floor a little cheaper with this specialist It’s better to hire a dance floor specialist and catering equipment from you.

The fact is that the costs for shipping and taking are charged to each company with which the contract was completed. If you started paying countless shipping costs, your expenses have now exceeded the limit. The solution to this problem is to get as much as you need from the company, so you only have one shipping fee. Although this may not be competitive in one or two points, the shipping costs saved will be reduced. The answer to this problem is simple: try to find a company that gives everything. Although only a few are far away, they can be found.

The second most common mistake is the deposit. In particular, if you rent catering equipment, you should always check the cost of replacing items. You will experience some damage, and even though the initial rental fee is reasonable, the replacement costs will be high. Some companies rely on their disruptions to increase their profits, and you can often hear about the excessive costs of broken rental equipment. The biggest load I have ever heard is a glass that costs less than 90p at a price of more than three pounds.

So Beware of Cliff Fraud.

Last but not least, check the rental conditions. A 24-hour rental that is 20% cheaper can be 80% cheaper if you return the item more than 30 minutes later because rent is usually calculated on other days. There are companies that will employ within 48 or even 72 hours. If you choose this option, you have plenty of time to collect items before the event lighting hires London and more than enough time to return items, avoiding expensive fines.

Most important, ENJOY YOUR FUNCTION!

After spending more than 35 years in the event industry, I am retired and very boring. I decided to share my experiences and visions with others to help someone somewhere. This is the first of a series of articles where I will talk about backstage relations in the event industry.