Are you planning your next Holidays in Morocco? You must visit that glorious holiday destination with a lot of unique and amazing experiences. My experience in Morocco was a memory can’t be forgotten. I would prefer to visit Morocco in the next few months or maybe after a year but people who are visiting Morocco soon are recommended not to miss Moroccan sweets anyway.

Morocco is a gastronomical destination with a lot of delicious traditional dishes with dozens of sweets for the tourists to try. This blog is to introduce you to the delicious sweets of Morocco you are going to try on your very next visit.

The traditional Moroccan Sweets you cannot Miss to try:

Here are a few famous sweets made in Morocco you must try on your cheap holiday vacation in Morocco. Eating sweets is famous among travelers so take a great experience gulping many sweets on the glorious destination like Morocco.

Briouat – A famous Sweet:

This is a Roll type sweet filled with spiced meat and other ingredients like almonds and sesame seeds. Try this n Marrakech’s famous bakeries and the restaurants. It is fun to stroll in the city and take amazing sweets from the place you are visiting. Morocco offers you with Briouat and many other sweets you can take and make your experience more sweet.

Chebakia – Honey coated Crispy Sweet:

Chebakia, or sometimes Shebakia is ver famous in Moroccan sweets and bakeries. You can get this sweet dish in the local cafes during taking a tea. Travelers take this dish from the streets of Morocco mostly and it is available from any small nook of the country.  Chebakia is a deep-fried, flower-shaped and coated with a honey dish that inspires travelers with its unique taste. Wash your hands after eating the sweet because it is somehow sticky and should be removed from your hands after you finished eating.

Ghoriba – Crunchy Moroccan Sweet:

Ghoriba is one of the very famous in Morocco. I also tried it many times. This dish is also a street sweet dish because it is available at any nook of the country. It is a buiskut shaped thing that can also be served with the tea in Morocco. If you are intended to visit that place, you should try the pastries like Ghoriba with tea or simple. Its taste is inspiring. So don’t miss this crunchy and tasty sweet when in Morocco.

Mamoul – A unique Tasty Dish:

It is made of Bread and other ingredients like walnuts, Pistachois, Raisins and dates. I always liked this sweet and recommend my traveler friends to please try this. This sweet will make your tea experience more amazing. So if you want to take the sweet while strolling around or want it on your table with tea or coffee, this dish is ready to inspire you anyway. You are in Morocco, a land ready to make your holiday experience more sweet and stunning. Try Mamoul, this will be available in the streets of almost anywhere in Morocco.

Riz Bi Haleeb – Moroccan Version:

This is originally a Latine sweet but in Morocco, it is made of the traditional Moroccan style. This is also very amazing. You should try this. This sweet is also good for your kids, they will like this. In Marrakech, there are a lot of Bakeries and cafes offering this dish. This is a rice pudding with a great taste. Pastiches and almonds make it more delicious. I like chilled Riz Bi Haleeb, you also should find for the cold one. The taste of this sweet is the best in Morocco I would recommend.

Sweet Pastilla  – A unique Sweet:

Pastilla is a famous dish in Morocco that travelers must try when they visit the country. I tried it many times and also the one that is sweet. Mostly Pastilla is made of many types in Morocco. Sweet Pastilla is a sweet dish coated with honey and filled with some ingrediants like dates, almonds, and creams. The topping of Sweet Pastilla with the Copra and Sugar makes it tastier. So also try this dish when in Morocco. It is all ready to make your trip full of sweet and delicious memories.

Mint Tea – A Unique Way to Inspire you:

This is also taken as a sweet dish in Morocco. Travelers are inspired by the taste of the very famous mint tea in Morocco. If you are going to visit Morocco and want to take unique experiences, you will find that it is always served dish in Morocco. We found it at almost every meal table after finishing our meal. This is mostly a complimentary and Moroccans take this after every meal.

Visit Morocco and get inspired by its dishes and sweets while strolling across the country. It will have a stunning experience of yours in Morocco with a lot of new experiences.