With the increasing usage of smart phones and the internet, people are looking for every solution on the web. Majority of singles around the world have at least used dating apps either for just checking how it works or for finding a real connection with the people.

In the last 2 decades, online dating has evolved so much. Previously, people were talking to random strangers in instant messengers and chat rooms. They only have to enter their email id and they were good to go. These platforms doesn’t consist of any privacy.

With the evolving technology, a lot of new privacy features introduced in the dating apps. Therefore, they will ask you to login using Facebook or Google. But, this doesn’t stop people from creating a fake account and start using a dating app. Due to this, love scams constitute a significant threat to the dating industry.

The most terrible thing is that various people like us are trapped in these false love scams happening in popular dating apps. For example, Tinder features are widely popular across the world among users, then also there are numerous threatening issues reported by users regarding the privacy and security of this dating app.

You may have a question, are there any surefire ways to resolve these issues in the dating world?. Yes, these problems can be solved by dating app sites/ apps by integrating the right features.

Hence, you may have a question, what are the best dating app features? The features that make the best dating platform are as follows:

 The Best Dating App Have These 7 Features

1.  True verification to prove someone’s Identity

 A perfect dating platform must ensure that all the users on the app/ website are single. You must not be worried about any secret life of a person in different regions of the world. You should be familiar with all the details of the users such as education, religion, age, nationality, etc. For this thing, a dating app can ask a user to upload any of the valid ID proof.

2.  Verify whether someone looks similar like their photos

After the platform identities that the user is genuine, it should also guarantee that user appears just like his/her photos. Verifying their photo on the social media platform is not sufficient.

A dating should include a real-time video scan to verify whether the user looks just like the photo. Alternatively, a dating app must only allow users to upload instant photos.

3.  Make sure everyone using the platform has the same purpose as you

The most essential thing is that all the users of the dating app should feel secure while using it. If they are certain that every profile that they come across have the same objective just like them, then you will not try to hurt anyone or the other person will not hurt you.

For instance, if you are looking for a series connection, then you don’t want to meet a person who is just looking for a casual date. Suppose if you are looking for a fun date, then you don’t want to meet a person who is looking for a life partner.

4.  Icebreakers

It requires some effort to make the first move. Majority of times, you don’t make it as you are not confident or you don’t know how to begin the conversation. To resolve this, icebreakers can help.

A perfect dating app comes with a feature of excellent conversation topics to start. This feature is beneficial for someone who can’t find something interesting to start a conversation.

5.  Disappearing short video

A leading dating app always consists of some unique and effective features. One such simple yet attractive feature which keeps a user hooked to a dating app can be a short video.

The latest dating app should allow users to capture and upload videos in their style. This can be a micro-video which user can share on their profile and it will disappear within a specific time frame.

These kind of videos can reveal the personality as well as the lifestyle of a user along with keeping in their privacy because video disappears in a few hours.

6.  Provide basic details to the matches quickly

One of the best dating app features that should be present in every popular app is basic info. Consider that you have 12 potential matches, you have to message them individually to know them better.

Instead, it would be better if a dating app can provide you with basic details (hobbies, interests, personalities, passions, etc.) about all the 12 matches instantly. By doing this, you don’t have to spend your precious time chatting with every person individually and you can instantly message a person you want to meet.

7.  Assist in organizing an offline meeting with the person you want to meet

What occurs when you choose to meet a person online on various dating apps? After chatting with each other for a particular time (days, weeks or months), you might find it embarrassing to fix a date for the meet-up.

 You might have some questions like should you meet for lunch or dinner? What if your date rejects you? What if the other person fails to keep up your promise? These are some of the worries faced by singles who are searching for a life partner on dating platforms.

Hence, an ultimate dating app must assist in planning your date. How? By verifying schedules of both the parties for free time, and suggesting the best first date activity depending on interests, persona lists, and hobbies.

So, these were the 7 must-have dating app features that should be present in an ultimate dating solution.