Caps are not only to give protection to your head from the exposure of sun but they are more than that. You can design hats of your own style. By knowing this the people are greatly attracted towards it. You are allowed to make designs on the hat that are different from those present in the shops.

Personalized hats are perfect for brand building, community events, sports games, corporate outings and much more. You can put a design or logo on your cap with the help of an online designer. The customized hats can have logos with beautiful embroidery on them. But creating customized hats is not so cheap, easy, or quick.

Now I will show you the basics of creating your own cap.

1.Made of triangular pieces of fabric– The caps of baseball players are not in exact circular shape. But a fabric available in pieces of triangle shape is used to make them. These pieces are known as panels. The hat will not look like a box if it is made up of 4, 5 or 6 panels. The hat will have loose fitting and look like a hat made for fashion purpose if it is made of a smaller number of panels. On the other hand, it will fit in your head very easily if more panels are used in making it.

2.Material used for making it– Your requirement of caps and the way of using them determines the type of material that should be used for making them. If you want to make a hat that can be used for all seasons then use cotton for making it. They will keep your head warm in winter and prevent you from hot sun during summer. You can also use poly mesh in making the hats that can be worn in summer but they will not protect you from rain or cold.

3.Shape of the bill– The shape of the bill is not determined in the field but in the factory only. It can be bent in any shape as per your desire. But it is much better if you have a steamed bill or a custom bill. It can be curved or flat and if someone demands a unique style it can be more curved.

4.Closure of the cap– According to some people the style of the cap and its fitting on the head is determined by the closure of the hat. If you want a certain kind of hat at a cheaper price then you should go for closure free or fitted hats. There are basically three types of closure: glide closure, buckle closure, classic plastic snapback closure. You can have a customized logo on the classic snapback. A Velcro can be used for a plastic-free route.

5.Customized labeling– You can make labels on your cap through customization if you want to sell them. Money earned by selling hats is much more than the money spent on labeling it. So, there is a very good profit.

6.Packaging of caps– Custom packaging is very good if some brand is involved in the manufacture of caps. By doing this a marginal profit will be earned by the manufacturer. A good packaging is necessary for easy selling of hats.

There is a tool known as product designer tool which helps customers to design their own products and then they can purchase them from e-commerce stores.