Established in (2014) by (Raul Contreras), Ghost Smoke Glass Kingz is a global leader in the Smoking Pipe online retail world. With a vision to nurture the oldest traditional form of smoking which is pipe smoking, Ghost Smoke Glass Kingz offers different types of pipes by different brands.

By selling water pipes, hand pipes and other related accessories (such as: bowls, ash catchers, dishes, kraken grinders, nails and tools, budder blocks, tip tech, silicone mats, vaporizers and e-nails, water bongs, quartz bangers, hand pipes, water pipes) by highly reputable brands like Kraken Grinders, UPC, Grav Labs, Sesh Supply, Empire Glassworks, China Glass, Errly Bird, THISTHINGRIPS and ELEV8, they aim to promote the good, old traditional way of smoking which is slowly being forgotten.


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