The PAN Card is one of the significant documents in India. It is mandatory to quote your PAN details while filing the Income Tax Returns (ITRs). It also doubles up as a major document in India that is accepted as a proof of identity. You can apply for a PAN Card online these days on the NSDL or UTIISL website and get it easily. 

But what if you have lost your PAN Card and want to get a duplicate one? Nothing to worry, you can get a duplicate PAN Card made in India by following some steps. You can know more by continue reading this quick post! 

How to apply for a duplicate PAN Card in India?

  1. You will need to land on the NSDL website 
  2. You will find an option that says ‘Reprint of PAN Card,’ click on that 
  3. You will now be redirected to a new page. On this page, you will be asked to submit your PAN Card number, Aadhaar Card number and Date of Birth details
  4. You will then need to choose the alternative of receiving the One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number or email ID or both 
  5. Now click at OTP options and the OTP will now be sent to your registered email ID and mobile number 
  6. You have 10 minutes to enter the received OTP as it will be valid only for a period of 10 minutes 
  7. After you have entered the OTP and the same has been validated, you will now have to make the payment of Rs.50. It is the charge for your duplicate PAN Card which you will be able to pay by clicking on the ‘confirm’ button 
  8. You can now take the print out of the payment receipt or even take a screenshot of the same for future references 
  9. Now you will receive a text message on your registered mobile number concerning the payment that you have made for ‘PAN Card Reprint’ 

Thus, when you have lost your PAN Card, and looking for a duplicate one, you can now follow the discussed steps and get one without hassles. 

For what purposes you need a PAN Card in India?

Other than filing your Income Tax Returns (ITRs) and keeping it as a proof of identity, you can also use your PAN Card for multiple purposes. Have a look: 

  • Opening a bank account – You will need to quote your PAN details while applying for a bank account – be it savings or current. All banks insist on having your PAN details shared as a key KYC norm while opening a bank account. 
  • Selling or buying a motor vehicle – If you are looking to purchase or sell a motor vehicle whose face value is Rs.5 lakh and more, your PAN details have to be shared. 
  • Applying for a credit card – Your credit card issuing authority would want your PAN details while processing your application for a credit card. 
  • Jewellery purchase – Are you looking to buy jewelry worth Rs.5 lakh and more? Be ready to furnish your PAN Card details to get it done smoothly. 
  • Cash deposits of more than 50000 – You will need to provide your PAN details while depositing cash of more than Rs.50,000 at a time and in a day. It is as per the RBI mandate that directs banks to keep a record of large cash deposits. It is a way to keep of money laundering. 

You are now all set to go for a duplicate PAN Card and start using it for purposes discussed or as per your needs. So, these are the places where PAN Card is mandatory. You can apply PAN Card online if you don’t have yet.