You always want the best for your child. You are currently in search of the best quality bassinet mattress that will cradle and provide support to your infant. There are many bassinet mattresses in the market. You need one that can withstand plenty of use and make your little slip off to a peaceful sleep. But how do you choose among them? Here’s how.

Well Supported

The mattress needs to be well supported. The mattress support has to be strong enough to hold the baby without bending as these support will hold the mattress in position. You need to press along the mattress edges and also in the middle of the mattress to check if any spot dips quickly. Hammocks are risky for babies; babies can’t extricate themselves.

Light Sleep Surface

The bassinet mattress pad should not be heavy because otherwise, the baby’s face will be able to sink into it. It should fit comfortably inside the bassinet. The bassinet pad should be maximum 1½ inches thick. A thicker one might suffocate. Majority of bassinet mattresses seem very thin, but it is a good thing. As per ASTM (The American Society for Testing and Materials), a thicker and softer mattress can be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The ‘No-Gap In-between’ Rule

Space should not exist between the edge of the mattress and the sides of the bassinet. There may be frills and light decorations on the outside, that is fine, but the extension of frills or fluff into the baby’s sleep area is not at all acceptable. If you see you can squeeze two fingers or more between the mattress and the bassinet, the mattress is small.

Go for Quality Material

Low-priced models (less than $90) are generally too soft and non-durable. Higher-priced models are firmer and therefore, safer. With the rise in prices, bassinet covers usually get thicker, are puncture-resistant, made of reinforced double/triple laminates, or fine organic cotton. An innerspring mattress with a higher number or better-gauge steel and higher-quality cushion will have more weight. The same applies to a foam mattress made of denser and better foam.

Always Buy New Bassinet Mattress

A second-hand mattress doesn’t come to you with fool-proof information as to how well it was maintained. A used mattress may bring along mold, bacteria, diaper leakages, and whatnot. Buying a new one is a much better option.

Select a Waterproof Cover

Waterproof cover protects the mattress from stains. Mattress covers slide under a sheet and make the mattress cozier. Without cover, the cold vinyl surface of the mattress makes it uncomfortable for the baby to sleep. A waterproofing cover saves the surface of the mattress from diaper leaks. The cover itself needs a hygienic wash to be fit for use again. Shop wisely. Go by the rules. Keep your eyes open. It’s for your own child’s well being, after all!