According to research results, by 2019, about 80% of all Internet traffic will fall on videos. Already on social networks, video is ranked better than graphic content. Now Facebook algorithms would rather prefer a two-minute video than a 1000-word post. We wrote about this recently. Even if you look at Instagram: in 2015, the social network increased the duration of the video from 15 seconds to one minute. Vidmate install also helps people to download videos from these social media applications.

Because of the rapidly growing popularity of the video format, everyone needs it. But before embarking on a “video race”, you should learn how to create high-quality content. This will help the free applications from the list below. They have a simple interface and have a set of all necessary functions. With their help, each SMM-box without special knowledge will be able to add video to the brand page.

Filmora Go

Thanks to this easy-to-use application, your videos will look like they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their shooting. To do this, select the overall design, theme and add your favorite music. This application is automated: you select the necessary parts of the video, and the installation, transitions and “gluing” is done without your participation.


This application is considered one of the best for video editing. VivoVideo has a simple interface. In addition to basic functions, such as shooting, adding an audio track or editing, you can use the option of recording live dubbing, HD-export or virtual lenses for selfies, and there is also the possibility of creating collages from video clips using non-standard templates.


This application is suitable for fans of filming on both the front and rear cameras. Some of the effects and filters that can only be added in this app will be useful for creating Instagram Stories ads. Some users refer to it as a “dream app that combines Instagram and Snapchat.”


VMate is an amazing app that not only helps you to edit your videos but you can shoot some amazing videos on the go anytime and anywhere. You just need to open the VMate app and just shoot your video. With amazing special effects provided by the app, you can add an action movie like touch to your video. Best app for short video making.


If, when choosing an application, one of the main roles for you is the simplicity of its use, then you can safely start working in Viddy. This is one of the simplest video processing applications. It allows you to “decorate” your video with non-standard effects with just a few clicks or change it beyond recognition with interesting filters. Audio tracks can be added from your saved files.


This video editor allows you to get a ready-made video clip in just a few minutes. To do this, simply upload the video and select the desired functions. By the way, the application has its own music library, where you can choose the right music that suits your video clip. And wait a couple of seconds: Magisto will do everything for you.

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