Your skincare routine exists for one goal: to improve the appearance of your skin and to give it that healthy, youthful glow. The results can easily be seen on your face, and if your routine is not working, you can replace certain products to get better results.

Sometimes, however, because you want to save money, you keep the same products or tools even after their expiry date. You think it’s just makeup and it can’t be that bad, right? Don’t wait for your skin to suffer. Make sure you replace the following products regularly:

Face Toner

As the product that balances the ph level of your skin, it is important that your toner does not go past its expiry date. It’s not something you have to replace every week, but it does need to be replaced after the manufacturer’s recommended date has passed. The good news is that most users use up their toner before reaching its expiry date, and you can easily go face toner online shopping for a replacement.

This is if you use the same product throughout. However, if you’ve switched halfway to a new product and decided to go back to the old one after some time, make sure to check if it’s still good to use. Otherwise, your skin might not react positively to it.

Makeup Brushes

Think about all the accumulated product on your brushes, as well as the dead skin cells they managed to keep. You may argue that you’re cleaning your brushes regularly, but the cleaning itself may also load up the brush with harmful chemicals that don’t do anything good for your skin. If you keep them uncovered and unsanitized, they might even attract bugs and dust. These applicators get in contact with your face, so it’s important that they are always clean. Replace them every couple of months, provided you clean them in between. If you don’t clean them at all, you’ll have to replace them sooner.


Like your toothbrush, your mascara is only good for three months. As a general rule, anything that touches damp parts of your face should be replaced within the same time period, as they become perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria growth. That’s one of the reasons you may develop pink eye. Don’t regret the amount of product you still have left in the tube and just think of how much more of a hassle it will be if you get an infection from using mascara that’s six months old.


If you’re using an applicator to apply lipstick, your tube can last longer. You also lengthen the lifespan of your lipstick by sanitizing it after every use. However, if you’re using the product straight from the tube onto your lips, it cannot last until the very end of the tube. The moisture brought on by the contact of your lips to the product encourages mold growth, and it might also accumulate dead skin cells. This is also one of the reasons you should not be using testers in malls, as you don’t know if they are sanitized properly!

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Some products can last years, but for your skincare, you want everything in the best condition. Replace them as recommended, to avoid infections and other skin problems.

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