The moment you become pregnant a lot of changes take place not only in your body but even the hair. Some good amount of hair can be expected during the course of these 9 months. The hair is expected to be lush and volume prone that it has ever been. The best shampoo for dry scalp In India might be of help but there are some natural mechanisms to restore the lost sheen in your hair.

Let us now get to the natural tips on how to take care of your hair during pregnancy

Keep away from chemical treatments-

During pregnancy it is suggested that you keep away from the use of chemical based products as colours become absorbed by the scalp and make its way on to the womb. In fact colouring could lead to allergic reactions. The experts are of the opinion that a pregnant woman needs to stay away from bleaching, perming or colouring of hair.

Regular trimmings are a must-

A suggestion is that you should opt for hair trimming quite a few times during pregnancy. Yes you might be experiencing good hair growth during this phase does not mean that you would avoid hair trimmings. In order to ensure a healthy growth of hair ensure that you trim your hair a couple of times in a year.

Choice of a top quality shampoo-

A suggestion is to use the best dandruff shampoo color treated hair at the earliest. Not only it promotes your hair but even scalp health. Apart from that it helps you to maintain a healthy scalp and keeps away the problems associated with dandruff. Even doctors suggest the use of a healthy and natural shampoo to get rid of the dandruff.

The reason being it has all the necessary ingredients that promotes hair growth and keeps the issues of dandruff away. So a suggestion is to choose a shampoo that would enable you to keep your hair in a natural way.

A conditioner is a must-

It is not only shampoo you also should invest in a conditioner as a protective layer of the hair is maintained where it becomes soft and manageable. In addition to that you can go on to purchase a serum in the market as it is to be natural and free from any form of chemicals.

Oil massage-

You have to massage your hair with oil. Make it a point that you use warm oil as it penetrates the hair roots and is expected to provide you with viable results. For massaging purposes you can go on to choose olive oil or coconut oil. Some people also like to mix 2 to 3 times oil and apply it on their hair for the simple reason that they can obtain benefits from each of them. Application of castor oil might provide better results. Since the oil is thick in terms of consistency you have to warm it before you go on to apply it on your hair.

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