Do you think that your food is catering you the vitamins that you think? There are so many green leafy vegetables, food items and diary products that you think are providing you the needed vitamins. But do you really think it is happening?

These days the food gets processed and the ingredients used in the formation of meals is such that vitamins and the strengths these items have to cater you reduces to great extent. one thing that you should consider is a vitamin supplement. You can check out the Best multivitamin tablets in India and ensure that your body is not craving for any vitamins. Once you keep the flow of vitamins intact and balanced in your body; your body is going to respond to everything in the bet manner.

Who Can take advantage of a Multivitamin?

In the recent years, there have been multivitamins that have turned out to be specialised, targeting consumers of specific ages, gender or even that of activity levels. The ones who may benefit from a daily multivitamin can encompass:

Athletes and Gym Goers

People having a physically active lifestyle need much more nutrients than that of the average non-active person to buttress muscle recovery and any fitness related aims. Creatine and amino acid supplements might be helpful and support muscles during short bouts of intense workout, and aid growth and recovery. Energetic exercise is even associated with oxidative stress and tissue damage, so athletes do need a higher intake of antioxidant nutrients like that of vitamins C and E.


There are several large-scale observational studies that have shown that many people simply don’t attain nutritional sufficiency through diet alone. This could partly be caused by declining soil quality that means fresh fruit and even that of vegetables aren’t as nutritious as they were seventy years ago. It may even be explained by the cumulative reliance on convenient pre-packed meals. A daily multivitamin with the optional allowance of vitamins and minerals might be helpful in guarding against such deficiencies.

Pregnancy and lactation

The Department of Health suggests all women who are considering pregnancy to take a regular 400mcg folic acid supplement to decrease the risk of neural tube defects, and a regular vitamin D 10mcg supplement to buttress the growing foetus. A multivitamin high in folic acid iron, and vitamin D is even suitable.

Kids aged 6 months to 5 years

Yes, the professionals also advise all children between the age groups of six months to five years to be given a specific supplement containing vitamins A, C and even that of D. These vitamins are chiefly important during the early years, particularly if children are fussy eaters.

More than  age of 65

The nutritional needs do change with age. This is partly because the stomach conceals less hydrochloric acid, which impairs the breakdown of meals and the absorption of nutrients. As an outcome of this, various mature adults require to consume higher quantities of nutrients and it is so as to absorb the same amount. All adults more than the age of sixty-five are suggested to take a daily vitamin D 10mcg supplement to upkeep bone strength, while iron, calcium, vitamin C, and Coenzyme are also significant.


So, you can check out the best multivitamin and ensure that your health stays fit, effective and robust.