Enjoying a clear hot tub water spa requires owning a plug and play spa that has an impeccably sound filter system. It can be especially tough to enjoy a nice spa moment if your hot tub filter is not maintained in the best possible way.

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A dirty & clogged hot tub is quite unappealing to the eye and also something that doesn’t please guests or yourself. Bad, dirty looking hot tub filters can in fact ruin the plug and play spa. It can add to the amount of chemicals put to use that can put tremendous strain on the pumps of the plug and play spa hot tub, which can cause “FLO” errors on the tub panels.

All About Hot Tub Filters

There are many different types of filters that can be used in the hot tub. However, the life of each of the plug and play spa filters varies based on its usage, the number of bathers in the spa, the number of bathing sessions, the length of each of these bathing sessions & the massive amount of products that each of the bathers use.

All of these factors play together to define the life expectancy of these filters used, and the amount of times that the filters need to be cleaned or even replaced. The best way to actually enjoy a hot tub plug & play experience is by actually taking a nice shower before getting into the tub. That way the amount of gunk that needs to go about the filter is far reduced than expected.

How to Drain, Clean & Easily Refill Your Hot Tub

Normally, it takes three to four washes a year to ensure that you are soaking in clean and clear water. Maintaining the plug and play spa hot tub enough minimizes the amount of time and effort spent on keeping the tub functioning well. This will leave you feeling balanced.

Things to Do Before Draining Your Hot Tub

Even before you begin the process of draining your hot tub’s water, it would be a great idea to clean and degrease your best plug and play hot tub using a whirlpool rinse to prevent calcium build up, which can affect the efficiency of the hot tub.

By just adding about 250 ml of the rinse to the plug and play hot tub with water, then removing the filters & pillow rests, you can just run the jets upto an hour. This process will clean the entire pool. Do this at least one year.

Draining Your Hot Tub The Right Way

Once ready to drain your hot tub, switch the power off to the hot tub. There are even options available to speed up that process of draining. The quick process allows five times faster draining of the water, that allows removal of ten to twelve gallons of water in a short minute.

Apart from draining water quickly, it also vacuums the bed of the tub removing the grit and all other debris as it drains the tub.

You could also make use of a small submersible pump available at all hardware stores and use it especially during the colder months of the year.

These are some of the things you may use to have an effectively cleaned off plug and play spa hot water tub.