Luxury hotels do not just become luxurious by placing fancy table décor in the mess, or by having a nice bar or a pool. They reflect value, prestige and hospitality. Hospitality is best shown when a person, from the moment they step into their room after checking in, they feel like home. How you don’t carry soap, a face wash, a toothbrush and other similar toiletries with you around the house do you? Same is the feeling one should get when they enter the room. The comfort of having everything in its place is exactly what you get when you’re home.

What’s So Special about the Spa Boxes? Why are their designs so Important?

When you think of luxury, vacation mode and travelling, the first thing that comes to your mind is a nice hotel with a nice spa. These hotels have these luxury boxes for hotel and spa that carry all those little things that we talked about earlier. The soaps, shampoos, little luxurious items that you don’t feel like carrying with you while travelling; they already have them ready for you. The reason why their designs are so important is, their design can’t be basic. Their designs set the mood, they make one feel comfortable or they make them feel like “I better not use it”. What is on the outside of any packaging helps one decide whether or not the product filled inside should be used.
Spas in the hotels pay a lot of attention to these little boxes and this is exactly why they are a thing!

How will a good design Impact your Business?

Designs impact business in many ways when you are selling a product. In the case of hotels and spas, the design impacts in a way that it creates a mood of your client towards your brand. If your design is cheap or shabby, it will find it hard to be considered as a luxury place. If it has a nice minimalist look and feel, the idea of your business and the impact changes a lot. Printed boxes for spa create exactly the same mood. They make the product look trustworthy, which eventually reflects on the image of your hotel.

Hospitality in Design:

Hotel means somewhere you can go and stay, it is like a home where you don’t have to worry about cleaning. You can simply check-in and relax! So when you are on the manufacturer’s side you have to put yourself in your hotel’s client’s shoes and think if what you have in your mind in terms of design is what you will like for yourself. Other than the spa, the relaxation gift boxes also serve as a memory of a memorable trip. This leaves a very big responsibility on the shoulders of the manufacturers and designers.

Important Factors to Remember in Spa Gift Boxes

  1. People visit for Relaxation:

Too busy designs are never very successful in spa gift box ideas. Keep them very simple and meaningful. If you leave space between designs and go for different shapes of the box instead of a lot of print and die-cutting, your final product will turn out much better. Do not make people work too much in understanding how to open the packaging and reach the product. Keep it very simple. Also, make the packaging travel-friendly!

  1. People come from different areas:

Your visitors will be coming in from different areas. You will need a lot of work to make them feel like they have come to someplace that is too different from where they are coming. Spa gift boxes ideas for keeping your design different from other hotels and keeping your design interesting can be found online. You can have your designer and manufacturer give you some examples and you can work around them.

  1. People are Hygiene Conscious:

       Remember that even if you KNOW you have the hygiene part covered, you have to make sure to tell them as well. And how do you tell your visitors/customers that your items are absolutely hygienic, by the packaging of the product? It is important to say a few things out loud especially when it is about the hygiene of the products. People want to trust your product before they tear a corner of the shampoo and use it.

  1. Lighter and Less Busy Designs Go a Long Way:

As we mentioned earlier, the lighter the design the better it is. Do not overburden the boxes for hotels and spas with a lot of information. You can play around with different colours, textures, box shapes and surfaces but keep the print minimal. The ideal is to just keep the hotel and spa logo on the packaging of the product and that’s it.

Brand and Hotel Image Must Reflect Hospitality:

Indeed, the whole point of coming to stay at a hotel and having a spa around is to trust the environment and feel comfortable. The little items on the rest-room washbasin, dressing table, and around the bathtub will make the visitor appreciate their trip so much and it will be worth all the effort!