You might have noticed how you might have been lured in by a content at least once in your lifetime. What was it? was it the title or was it the solutions that they were offering that caught your attention. Similarly, in order to captivate and engage the attention of the viewers its important that the content displays certain attributes that are going to be of interest for the audience. This can be done through several different ways, however, its important that you understand your viewers and approach the strategy accordingly. 

Given how crucial it is to bring the viewers towards the content, considering the saturation there is on online platforms and it is only a one shot thing. You either get through your viewers or you get past them, and it is best that you utilize the opportunity in the best way possible. If you are thinking about how to make a Wikipedia page then it is advised that you plan out your content beforehand and work it out accordingly. As that is going to make it easier to clear out all the hurdles that you might come across throughout your content development. We have gathered a bunch of tips that are going to help you increase your organic traffic as well as retain your audience. 

How to lure the viewers to your content

  • Using interesting titles and headings 

Headings are the main face of the content. They are the window through which your viewer is going to make out whether they want to continue interacting with the content or not. Having a bland and basic title will potentially lose viewers. It can be quite repulsive if the content has monotonous titles and aren’t complementing the core narrative of the content. For that reason, it would be best that you research on the contents context first and then create your titles later onwards once all the basics have been sorted out. While you are at it, keep in mind that your headings and titles should also be in flow. You can’t have a title that is completely different from the title before it, they are meant to be in harmony of one another to support the entire content. Making it easier for viewers to comprehend the content effectively.

  • Adding visuals, videos and images

Another element that catches the eye is visuals. It is even more effective than text, since the brain processes images far more quickly than it processes written pieces. It has been sought that the content has a few seconds only to make an impact on the viewer. Within those first few seconds after landing on the site the viewer is going to decide to indulge themselves into the content or not. To utilize it in its fullest, add visual aspects of the content at a noticeable position. It can even be sectioned throughout the content. Which will not only retain the viewers attention for longer periods of time but will be consistent at it. 

  • Describing the benefits 

Viewers are more interested to know the benefits rather than features or functions. As this helps them in making the decision, especially when its linked to a purchase through a brand or a business. But you need to make sure that you emphasize on those benefits. As that is going to help you bond and connect with your viewers as well more effectively. And that will not only strengthen their inclination towards your content but your business as well. Enabling them to reach out to your content in more than one occasion, which is going to automatically going to increase credibility along with traffic. Since viewers are going to be sharing your content well. But you need to make sure that you explain the benefits through ways and methods that are going to connect with the viewer. For that it is best that you carry out a viewer persona and research on them so that you work accordingly. 

The factors that have been mentioned above are going to help you create a piece of content that lures in viewers more effectively. Not just that, you will be able to deliver positive impressions and build a personality of the content that satisfies the audience requirements and needs. Influencing them to reach out to your content more often. The more effective and captivating your content is the easier it is going to be for you to create communication bridges that get content across along with its actual narrative .

But make sure that you have understood the requirements of your content beforehand and how you can make it even more effective which will open new pathways towards creativity.