Business exhibitions and trade shows are some of the most popular marketing tools available these days for exhibitors. The participation in such events is a kind of investment for business owners that gives back good resource plus a great platform to promote new or existing products and services. The business owners can directly connect with their audience and have a face-to-face interaction with them. If done right, exhibitions can be less expensive and help you reach potential customers effectively.  However, you need to make sure whatever you plan falls in your favor and make your experience beautiful. 

Here are the list of DO’s and DON’Ts one must keep in mind when participating in a trade show.

List of Do’s  

Promote your business

The main objective of participating in a trade show is promoting products and services. If the company is unable to make a presence in the visitor’s mind, all the hard work will go wasted. And so, it’s important to promote the business and let people know about your participation in a particular event or business show. You can let the people know about your presence through your social media platforms and e-newsletters. Also, find out the hashtag for the event and promote it actively to create new connections and generate brand awareness.

Plan before the event

It is important to plan the event well before in advance to avoid making mistakes during the show. Planning things like booking an exhibition stand builder, finalizing the design, and deciding which member of your team will be attending the expo, etc. can save a lot of your time. You can ask the product manager appointed by the stand construction company to plan everything for you. If you want a group of professionals to be there at the stand at the time of the event, ask your stand manufacturer to provide you support. All this can be achieved if your planning is on point. 

Know your competition

Who all are your competitors in the show? If you have the answer to this question, congratulations, you are doing well. Always keep in mind that knowing your competitor is very important when you are participating in an event. By knowing what and how they are displaying, you can plan your exhibit better and come up with something unique and unusual. For example, if one of your competitors is using big screens in the stand to promote its brand, you can install a 3D exhibition stand instead to communicate with the visitor in a better way. 

Pay attention to design

The look of your stand is very important when you are exhibiting along with your competitor in a trade show. Unique designs always attract visitors more as compared to a common display; therefore, it’s important to give attention to the design of your stand. Meet your exhibition stall designer to discuss the vital details related to your business and ask them to create a stand that reflects your products and services. Plan in advance the kind of material you want to use to achieve the look and try not to leave everything for the final hour. 

List of Don’ts

Being rude or pushy with visitors

Try not to be rude or pushy with visitors instead be welcoming and serve them with the information that they seek. Exhibitions or business shows are a platform for professionals who want to gain knowledge of product or services. Therefore, ask your staff to give relevant information to visitors and allow them to go through your products and services before approaching them directly. As an exhibitor, you must ensure that your potential customers feel comfortable at your stall. Also, your staff must attend them well share knowledge about your products and services. 

Leaving stand unattended

Imagine you putting all your money in a stunning exhibition stand and there is nobody at your exhibit to attend visitors. Well, having an abandoned stand is a wasted opportunity and in order to make sure that your guests are attended by at least two to three members at the stand during the event. So, if one is out for a coffee break, there will be others to look after the visitors. However, if the size of your stand is small, there must be limited people inside to avoid fussy situation. 

Not training the staff members

It’s important to train your staff to have a meaningful conversation with the customers. As the representative of the stand, they need to be present and welcoming. The visitors must feel comfortable to talk to the stand staff people and ask questions related to the brand in a peaceful manner. All this is possible if your staff members are approachable and friendly. They must also avoid using the phone while standing at the booth and make an impression that you are available for a chat in case one needs. 

Not following up with customers

Don’t make a mistake of not following up with the potential leads and prospective clients post-exhibition. After the good business exhibition when you return to the office next day, make sure you follow up with the clients by dropping them a personal message like ‘It was great to connect with you at the event’. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter once the show is over. This way, you can stay fresh in their mind and convert them into business clients. 

These tips can really help if one actually wants to reap out the opportunities available during an exhibition. All you must do is find a leading exhibition stand builder in your area and get professional assistance for your display.