Purchasing a Japanese low price used car can definitely prove to be a mammoth task especially if one lacks knowledge and experience in the area. Therefore, we have endeavored to bring forth a useful and comprehensive guideline on things one needs to avoid and on things one should search out for.

Hunt for a fuel economic car

Due to the ever-increasing fuel prices and low salaries of people which cannot cater to all needs, fuel economy tops the list of priorities in buying a car. Especially in Pakistan, it is strictly advised to purchase a vehicle having a satisfactory fuel efficiency which doesn’t leech off of money and is affordable in consumption of fuel.

Do plenty of research

It is impossible to make a worthwhile choice without possessing a lot of information on the subject of used cars. There are a lot of useful sources for carrying out a proper and thorough research on this matter such as automobile magazines, reviews of car users online, car portals and expert opinions of trusted friends and family members who are experienced in this field.

Direct yourself to professional sellers

After the selection of the car you want to buy based on the affordability of your personal budget and deciding on the model and brand name of the car, the next step is to go to the right sources for the purchase which can be professional car sellers or authorized car dealers.

Try to get a warranty on your vehicle

It is advised to spend some extra money on getting a warranty by purchasing from an authorized dealer as they usually provide with a warranty on used cars.

Previous usage of car

If the used car has been driven for more than 50,000 km, it shouldn’t be purchased because it’s way too old. To be on the risk-free side, a car that has traveled between 15,000 km to 50,000 km should have opted instead.

Spare parts are important

The cars and their car parts that are not easily available in a country should not be chosen because it will be a hassle when a car part gets out of order. Similarly, old cars that are no longer manufactured don’t have readily available spare parts in the market as well and should not be purchased. The availability of car parts is crucial because the maintenance costs of car after buying will become higher even if a person buys the car at a very cheap price.

Examination of the car’s exterior

It is important to observe the car’s outer body for any scratches, rust, corrosion, welds or dents due to an accident. In some cases, the damage effects of the car are covered by a repaint or a respray. Therefore, it is advised to check if there have been any repaints by thoroughly inspecting the car’s body and keeping an eye out for ripples, waves or bubbles which are indications of the covering up of car’s damage. It is also important to do the car’s inspection in daylight.

Examination of the car’s interior

The inside features of the car along with dashboard, headlights, sunroof, odometer, seat covers and sound system should be observed. Special attention should be given to the engine to determine its condition.

Go for a test drive

It is an added boost if the car is taken for a test drive before buying. Things that should be focused on are the color of the smoke which the engine emits, condition of the brakes, clutch, gears and steering wheel by driving the car on rough surfaces and at high speeds.

 When to buy

Authorized dealers sell the cars at different prices throughout the year. Therefore, in order to cut low on the budget, the time frames when the used cars are sold at cheaper prices should be checked out.

Appoint a mechanic

Even after observing the exterior and interior of the car, there are other damages of the car which are hidden from the eye. Therefore, in order to assure that the car is damage free, a professional mechanic should be hired for this task. Oil or water leaks from the engine should also be checked by the mechanic.

 Verify the documents

After carrying out all the research and inspection, the next step is to verify the documents. The registration, engine and chassis number should be verified. Original computerized number plates, service and repair records should be provided.


The car sellers are on the lookout for profits and they set the price more than they are willing to sell at. The ideal price is lower than the average market price which can be achieved by persistent yet reasonable bargaining