The Cannabis trade has grown over the years as a very lucrative business despite its not being legalization in every state in the US. However and thanks to its medicinal and recreational uses, cannabis is now necessary have for all especially for those suffering certain ailments for which the cannabis plant serves as a panacea to. Like cannabis, cannabis accessories strive better in markets or states where cannabis is or has been made legal. With that said, like butter compliments bread, so too does accessories complement cannabis. 

Smoking Accessories 

Smoking accessories as mentioned above are designed to facilitate the consumption of the cannabis plant. Some these accessories include cannabis vessels, cannabis cases, lighters or fire tools, and home accessories. 

Cannabis Vessels

These are tubes used in smoking or taking in the cannabis

  • Pipe
  • Rolling papers
  • Bong
  • Bubbler
  • Vape pen
  • Patch
  • Food and beverages

Cannabis Cases

The cannabis cases are ideal and of course, portable containers used for storing cannabis. Some of them include

  • Cannabis box
  • Smell-proof case
  • Childproof case
  • Cannabis lockbox
  • Grinder

Lighters/Fire Tools

These are devices and or tools are used for lighting up cannabis for consumption. some of them include 

  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Decarb tools
  • hemp

Home Accessories

These include Candles that can equally be used as a lighting tool and ashtrays for the waste produced by smoking.

How Profitable Are Cannabis Accessories

After years of debate in congress, 2016 was the breakthrough for the cannabis industry as the drug was legalized in a wide array of states for medical and or recreational uses. This year didn’t only experience souring demands for cannabis but also the Cannapreneurs admitted to making record profits. 

In 2017, North Americans spent an estimated amount of $9 billion on legal cannabis which means a proportionately amount of this amount is invested in its accessories (FDA). Selling cannabis is selling cannabis accessories, on legal grounds, financially productive.

Where to Buy Cannabis Accessories

Buying cannabis accessories have two places you can go to; online and stores

  1. Store

There are a lot of stores you can buy cannabis accessories from, as its legalized in some states. The common stores include

  • Head Shops: These small retail outlets sell paraphernalia meant to smoke drugs. Most of these shops are found in major cities and rural towns in the US.
  • Cannabis Accessories Specialty Stores: These stores sell smoking paraphernalia in large quantities.
  • Cannabis dispensaries: These are stores for people over the age of 21 and are one-stop shops for accessories and cannabis.

Advantages of Buying Marijuana in Stores

Disadvantages of Buying Cannabis in Stores

  • Risk of being seen by your friends and or family with the wrong notion about cannabis and those who consume the drug 
  • Time-consuming in case of a long queue.

To find a cannabis accessories store you can ask around, using the internet or referrals are both good places to start.  

  1. Cannabis Accessories Online

Buying cannabis accessories online is an ideal way to go about purchasing this equipment. However, these modes of purchase come with certain advantages and disadvantages.  

Advantages of buying online

  • It is discreet and there is less anxiety
  • Door to door delivery 
  • You can benefit from cash or trade discount

Disadvantages of buying cannabis accessories online

  • Difficulty in asking questions online
  • You can’t try the accessory
  • It encourages impulse buying

Final Note

Taking to mind the aforementioned tips, should you require some of the best cannabis accessories to take your cannabis experience to the next level, reach out to our budtenders at Online Dispensary Canada