Cardboard box packaging
In our daily basis life, we use cardboard boxes. We see the usage of this product in the shipment of goods. Cardboard material has many advantages and this is the reason that all the packaging companies use this material to make boxes. We see everything is packed in a cardboard box. In all bakeries, all food items, clothes, shoes, electronics, and medicines each and everything is incomplete without cardboard box packaging. When we buy a gift, we want to wrap it and make it wonderful in outlook. We can use wrapped boxes for this purpose.

Use of cardboard box:

Cardboard boxes are an important part of our lives. They are used for different purposes such as for packaging and moving of gifts and other products. Cardboard storage boxes are highly used in shipment. We can use it at home for some common purposes as well such as we make a trash bin with a cardboard box. We can turn it into a cardboard storage boxes, a laundry basket, toy box, gift basket, school projects by cutting and wrapping it in a proper way.

Wrapping and decoration:

For all these purposes and especially to make cardboard gift boxes, you need to wrap and décor your box in an organized way. The shape and sizes of boxes are different from each other. Wrapping boxes is not an easy task because small boxes can be wrapped easily because they required a small piece of paper or cloths for the wrapping while a big box needs more effort and techniques. Here are some tips that can help you to wrap your big cardboard box.

How to wrap a big cardboard box?

Wrapping big sized cardboard boxes is a special challenge for all of us. For this purpose, you need more quantity of paper and tape. Here are some easy steps to wrap a large cardboard box.

  • Firstly you should set up all your instruments on a table like paper, scissor, tape or glue, the scale for measurement, pencil or paperweight stone.
  • In the first step, place your box on the table and measure all the sides with the help of scale or measuring tape properly so that you can know the exact size of your box and paper that is required for it. Measure sides, width, and height carefully.
  • Place your wrapping sheet on the box. Do not cut it. Place box in the middle of the paper and make sure that all the edges of your paper overlap with the edges of your box in all sides of the left, right, top, and bottom.
  • Wrap a single section at a single time. Wrap along the long sides of your cardboard box then fold it and use tape at corners. Repeat this on the other side.
  • Pull the other side of the wrapping paper and fold it down at the corner of your box to make a crease. This will create a neat and attractive wrapping.
  • Then fold the paper back up the sides of the box and make sure it is tight enough against the edge of the box to create a fit.
  • Fold open ends of boxes against your box and you can also turn it into the inside of the box. Repeat this step on the other end of the box and use tape or glue to fix it.
  • You can use different ribbons and other decoration materials to make your box more attractive.

Some tips to wrap cardboard boxes:

Wrapping is not an easy thing to do. You need to know some tips and techniques to wrap your box more accurately.

  • Always use a plain and smooth surface for wrapping your box.
  • Do all measurements carefully.
  • Do not use a folded paper. Always use a plain and less movable paper.
  • Do not cut early. Make sure your paper length is much more than box because it is used in folding steps.
  • Do not use small pieces of paper; it will create joints on your box. Always use a large paper.
  • Use strong paper foe wrapping cardboard box for moving.
  • sticks paper carefully.