Email is an important part of our daily busy life. It is very necessary to protect your email from spam mailing. 

There are so many days of email on our email id, out of which only a few are useful and others are emails or spam or promotional and advertising, then if you are also worried about this then these mails are like this Can be stopped.

Hello friends, if you are worried about Spam Emails, then in this post we are going to know about how to Stop and Block Spam Emails in Hindi.? These are very easy and you will do this work very comfortably.

In today’s time, the most important and good way of communication is E-Mail, which is used by a professional as well as a common user and whether it is for personal work or our bank’s notifications or policy updates.

These are used in all kinds of work, in that if you give your email id for your work on a website, then it spreads everywhere and then different types of mails start coming.

In which often most of the emails are also from marketing and promotional products, not only this is the extent when using such emails starts stealing the data of the users.

So if you are also upset with Spam Emails in this way and moving them in Spam Box is not going to work and you want to get rid of them, then we have told about three such methods, with the help of which you can easily Will be able to block Spam Emails.

Block mail sender

Yes, you can also avoid spam emails by directly blocking the redundant E-Mail Sender, to do this you must first open your Gmail account and then open the mailbox of the one you want to block. Then click on the Three Dots on the right side of the name of Mail Sender and then at the bottom here you will see the Block Sender Name ”. By clicking on it you can block.

Report Spam and Unsubscribe Sender

You can also easily block the sender’s mail id using this feature, for this, all you need to do after login to your Gmail is open the email id you want to block or report.

After that you have to click on the three dots on the right side of the above row, where you will see the option of Report Spam, in which you can click on “Report Spam or” Report Spam & Unsubscribe “.

Apart from this, you also get the option of “Unsubscribe” directly, using which you can only stop the mail coming from that email ID by unsubscribing it.

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Block spam email using keywords

Using keywords, you can also directly block incoming emails associated with that keyword, that means if someone matches the word associated with that keyword, it will be blocked.

To block, all you have to do is go to the search option in Gmail and type that keyword, like suppose you have to block mails related to the words Promotional, Sale, Offers and Discount.

So all you have to do is type here and then you have to go to the section of “Has The Word” here and click on the Create filter and then click on delete button and delete it and you will be done.

In this way, friends can block your Spam Emails on your Gmail, hoping that friends have understood that How To Stop And Block Spam Emails. For more details must read:- blog post times

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  • Install SSL Certificate On The Mail Server
If you want to block or stop unwanted spam emails. You should install a security certificate on your mail server. Also, This Wildcard SSL certificate can secure main domains along with an unlimited number of its first-level subdomains in a single certificate