The entrepreneurs around the world employ surveillance software on company-owned digital devices to protect confidential information and data. Many companies have to compromise on their data due to hacking that is to be blamed in most of cases to the negligence of employees. The workers may put company secrets to risk with mishandling of data intentionally or unintentionally. The surveillance program enables employers to closely watch out digital activities of employees to prevent them from mishandling of company data. This article discusses how the monitoring software of TheOneSpy helps to protect business secrets.

Digital Monitoring Solution for Businesses

There are different monitoring apps and software rightly available for businesses to remotely supervise digital behavior of employees. Using the software, the employer can find out how their workers handle company data. Once you install the software on company-owned mobile phones or computers, you can closely supervise almost every action performed on these digital machines. The software lets you know what is communicated through these devices and what data is transmitted or received. Read on to know about the working of the surveillance software for mobile phones and computers.

Create Online Data Backup

The companies may have to deal with heaps of information such as client data, contacts, emails, billing, invoices, bank statements, financial details and workforce details among others. The physical storage is not enough to ensure protection of company data. Therefore, the online or cloud storage is also recommended by experts to protect important information. The surveillance app installed on company-owned digital devices automatically syncs and uploads specific information to a confidential online account. Only the end-user of the app or authorized person can retrieve this data by logging into the online portal of the software.

Track Employees Communication

It is important to watch out what your workers transmit and what they receive. The displeased workers of the company are likely to disclose business secrets by transferring to unauthorized or rivalry groups. The employee surveillance software lets you track chats, emails and phone calls of workers made and received through company-owned monitored devices. You can read their incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, IMs, social media chats, group chats and emails. The app also lets you listen to the phone calls received and made by your workers.

Read Messages

The app automatically gets access to inward and outward text messages of employees. Then, it uploads these messages and contact detail of communicators to the confidential online account of monitoring software. These messages let you know what your staff communicates and with whom.

Listen to Calls

The secret business information can also be communicated to unauthorized groups by phone calls. The tracking software allows recording all inbound and outbound calls of workers to ensure they do not leak company secrets. The recorded calls and contact detail of callers and recipients can be retrieved through the online portal of employee tracking solution.

Monitor Social Media

The displeased employees head towards social networking platforms like Facebook and Tumblr to disclose company secrets or spread inappropriate information about the organization. The surveillance software lets you know what your workers post on most popular social networks. By logging into the online portal of surveillance software, you can see what your workers post, comment, like or share on social media.

Monitor Instant Messengers

The high-tech tracking software also lets you know what is communicated through instant messengers. It tracks employees’ chats made via WhatsApp, Line, Skype, IMO, Viber, Snapchat, Kik, Hangout, Hike, Yahoo Messenger, Telegram and many other commonly used communication apps. You can supervise all one-on-one and group chats made by your workers with co-workers, clients and third parties.

Monitor Emails

The official emails accounts are of great importance for businesses because they contain important information. The employee monitoring software lets you know what your workers transmit and receive via emails. You can read all emails and can find out if inappropriate or sensitive information is passed on to someone. Also, you can monitor phishing emails sent by hackers to steal company data or to take over devices. If any phishing or scam email is found in your employee’s inbox, you can avert a huge loss by preventing respond to such emails.