Do you know how to measure Venetian blinds? It is important to make the right choice when it comes to blinds. They are present in various designs, and some are made with double pane window as well.

Regardless of the type of blinds, choose your shades based on the sun angle, furniture’s angle of viewing, and whether you are trying to spot rain or not. 

There are many blinds available with lots of different choices for buyers and seller.

You can use this help if you plan to paint a smaller space with Venetian blinds and want to know how wide they are compared to regular curtains. Here is a guide to measure the length of Venetian blinds.

If you are unsure how Venetian blinds are calculated, you can start with measuring the width of the window, along with the length.

Before the purchase check the width of the door. If it is a single pane window, measure twice, so that you will have two measurements. In addition, measure the height at the top.

Measurements help to make things feasible

When you know the measurements of these things, the next thing you should do is to measure the thickness of the blinds. Some of them are thicker than others. Make sure that the measurements that you have given are correct for the size of the window.

Now you have two measurements, the height and the width, and you have to compile the thickness of the blinds.

Types of Venetian blinds

At this point, you will find that there are so many different types of Venetian blinds. Most of them are very thin.

For example, you can choose a thin blind if you need a more open feeling. Of course, you cannot use this type for a very high-rise building. They are too thin to allow ventilation, which is their main purpose.

You can find them in double panes, as well. They are usually available in white, and they might come in different colors, as well. You can even choose the style of blinds according to your preference like venetian blinds Dubai.

If you would like to have a functional method, this is very useful. There are some that come with roller covers. However, there are other forms of blinds that will only have shades.

In order to get the best, you need to take measurements of all the blinds. When you measure the width, you must consider the thickness. If you have window treatments, you should consider the window that they support.

When you measure the thickness, you need to pay attention to the strength of the material. You can make use of a cordless probe or tape measure.

Get the dimensions of your window

Before measuring the blinds, you need to get the dimensions of the window you have. It will help you in getting the right blinds.

Once you have all the measurements, the next thing you want to do is to choose the blinds that you like the most.

If you pick Venetian blinds, you can find different choices. Select the one that matches the appearance of your house and helps in maximizing the space of your home.