Every time you start playing a new game at Minecraft, you start with infinite possibilities. It is like as if you are dropped into a randomly generated 3D world. Surprisingly the virtual world of Minecraft is 8 times larger than the surface of the planet “Earth.”  So yes! users have more than enough space to explore both above grounds and deep below it.

What’s the Mystery of Minecraft?

Well! as told above, you start the game with nothing.  No tools, no shelter, not even a sense of direction. It is all up to you what you want to do and where do you want to go. The world of Minecraft is full of surprises and possibilties There are rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and lava flows, forests and deserts, and so much more out there somewhere to be discovered and explored.

Sounds exciting, right? But you know what you should always keep your account safe and updated to enjoy all the new features of Minecraft. Then only you can enjoy the thrilling game.

Here are some simple ways to keep your account safe, secured and updated!

Choosing a correct password

Choosing a correct password is the first step to keep your account secured. Your password should never be something which you memorize in seconds rather it should be something that takes you at least 20-30 seconds to remember. Because if it is something that you can immediately enter, it is definitely something very easy which can be easily guessed by others just in a blink of an eye.

Never make a password including only alphabets or numerical, rather make a password combining alphabets, numerical and signs.

Choose security questions wisely

Choosing complex security questions is always essential. It brings your account at a lesser risk of hacking. These security questions will be asked whenever you make any changes to your account. So if an unknown person will ever try to make changes in your account, these security questions will keep your account safe.

Make sure that these questions are not very common that others can guess. It is always better to set some personal questions as your security questions so that no one else can answer them.

Things to do or don’t to keep your account safe and secure

To know about the breaches or password changes, always keep an eye on the latest Mojang news and announcement.

  • Make sure to buy Minecraft products from an authentic and verified platform.
  • You should keep changing your password every some time.
  • Never share your Minecraft password with anyone.

If you let others play on your Minecraft account, always keep a check on what they are up to.

Migrate Your Account

You should immediately migrate your account because it allows you to edit your personal information directly on the Mojang website rather than the Minecraft website. According to experts, keeping your information directly on the Mojang website is much safer than keeping it on the Minecraft website. It seems safer and easier as it requires security questions.

How To Migrate Your Account?

Are you willing to migrate your account? You should follow the steps given below:

1) Go to account.mojang.com/migrate

2) Fill in your username and password

3) Find the migrate button, and follow the steps.

And it’s done! Now, you’ll have to sign in to Minecraft again.

Benefits of Migrating Minecraft Account

Here are some potential benefits to migrate Minecraft account:

  • You can change your Minecraft email address and username
  • You can access all of your Minecraft games at one place
  • One Minecraft username can be used for other Mojang games
  • It makes your account more secure
  • Access to Minecraft Realms