What is it that you call Quality of a product?

Quality is excellence! 

Superiority or a higher standard of a thing over another thing of the same kind and the biggest misconception about quality is that it always comes with a greater amount of money.

No! It does not. 

Packaging is something that has to maintain quality in order to stand out in the market or among the brands because the competition is getting high each day. As you know custom boxes wholesale are cheaper than any other alternative packaging in the market. The point to ponder is how can you maintain or get high quality custom packaging boxes at cheapest rates?


Customization itself gives a lot of opportunities to create custom boxes that are matchless in quality and appearance. To compensate the lower price, you can use customization techniques to enhance the appearance of wholesale boxes.

What’s the delay then?

In custom packaging boxes quality does not come with a single design element or type of material or just an amazing shape. Various elements combine in complementation and a perfect blend of these aspects makes an amazing high quality packaging.

Material depicts quality

For custom boxes, strength and high grade of paper used to make a box determine the quality. Cardboard is the cheapest packaging material which gives the strongest packaging boxes that do not collapse easily and are capable of carrying product in a safe manner. Corrugated cardboard speaks for the quality without any effort because of its smooth high-quality surface and robustness.

Shape it up

No matter how expensive a plain box is, it will never beat a box that has some style in it. For example, window cut out in any kind of box will not only enhance the appearance of the boxes but also bring the product into the limelight. It automatically increases the quality as stylish and unique boxes seem expensive but custom boxes wholesale is not. Die-cutting technique used on paperboard is easy to achieve, takes a lot less production cost, and the material is also cheap that helps in lowering the price without causing any damage to anyone in terms of manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or customer.


Printing enhances the appearance of the custom boxes wholesale twice their worth. Ask for the latest high-end, clear, and visible prints on custom packaging boxes from your dealer as it creates a more impressive packaging. Do not over do the designing because it will only give a hillbilly look to the boxes and nothing else. Class is in the simplicity, go minimalist with your packaging to cut the cost and also create a unique environmental friendly image in the market.

Additional enhancement 

There are a lot more techniques that you can go for, to increase the quality of your custom boxes. Lamination is the top most technique and everyone should be thankful for it as it gives a luxurious look to any type and grade of box. Lamination is a plastic covering in glossy, matte, or semi matte finish that gives completely different feel to the custom packaging boxes. You can increase the quality of the custom boxes wholesale with little tweaking of foiling, embossing, and other techniques for wholesale boxes in the lowest rates possible.


Sustainability of custom boxes doubles the worth and maximizes the quality of the box. As quality is not only something that can be seen or touched, it also counts for the things that can’t be seen but have greater effect. Custom packaging boxes made up of cardboard are highly environmental friendly and recyclable. Cardboard custom boxes leave no waste behind and are bio-degradable. Custom boxes wholesale provide the most extravagant packaging in the cost that will leave you amazed seeing the quality of the boxes. Wholesale boxes are less costly because of the cheaper raw material, less production cost, and larger number of items per order. You can design your wholesale boxes from the scratch and do as many changes as required. It is because wholesale boxes offer full customization in terms of shapes, sizes, and design.