As an application that is, Instagram is not free of errors, that although from the platform they try to solve them with weekly updates, there are different problems that continue to give headaches to users who suffer from them and that, on many occasions, however much they seek over the network they fail to provide an adequate solution for them.

For this reason, this time we bring you a guide so you know how to solve some common Instagram problems. In this way, if you encounter any of the problems or circumstances that we are going to detail below, you will know how to deal with them and achieve what you want within the app.

With the passage of time Instagram has evolved from a simple application to share photos and videos to generate a large community and be a social network itself, since it has different services such as its integrated instant messaging or its video service, beyond of the options offered through Instagam Stories and conventional publications.

Fix some common Instagram issues

Below we are going to show you different problems that can be annoying for you, and to which you can now find a solution:

Place multiple links on the Instagram BIO

For different reasons we can see ourselves in the need to place more than one link in our Instagram biography, but taking into account that from the social network itself it is impossible due to the platform’s policy regarding links, the solution is to resort to Lnk.Bio, an online solution that allows us to share multiple links with our followers.

For this you must enter Lnk.Bio. Once you enter the service with your browser you will have to register in it, taking into account that there is both a free plan and different payment plans with additional options.

Once you have configured your profile on the platform you will be able to access it and from there you will be able to create as many links as you want and so a new URL will be generated in which all of them are present.

With this new URL you can place it in your biography and, once a user clicks on it, they will access your Lnk.Bio list, from where they can see the different links you have shared.

Similarly, from this service it is allowed to attach images and descriptions to each of these links so that you can make it clear to your visitors what each of them consists of.

Likewise, it also allows us to manage the list design and make a longer biography. If you opt for a Premium plan it will also be possible to access additional features, such as the possibility of creating a personalized link.

Share posts from other users on your Instagram account

As there is no specific option within the application to share content from other users with our followers, the solution involves resorting to the use of a third-party application.

In this article we already explain five applications that you can use to repost on Instagram.

Download videos or photos from Instagram

Within this small guide so that you know how to solve some common problems of Instagram, it is worth noting the impossibility, from the Instagram app itself, of downloading photos or videos from other users.

In order to download these contents, you must resort, again, to the use of external third-party applications. There are many different options in the form of applications and services, although the web application called IgVideoDownloader is one of the best options that you can find for its simplicity of use.

 Thanks to this free web service you can immediately download any image or video from Instagram or IGTV. Its operation is very simple thanks to its clear interface, being only to obtain the link of the content to download, go to IgVideoDownloader and after pasting it in the corresponding field, click on Download.

Although it is a web application, you should know that you can use it both from your PC and from your mobile device.

Upload content to Instagram from your computer

Another major problem with the platform is the inability to upload content from the computer, something that would be very useful for professionals who upload content to different social profiles, but also for any user who has created content on their computer or that has captured photos or videos with a camera and has passed them to your PC, so that you could share them more quickly with your followers.

Fortunately there is an option for this, and this happens by downloading the Vivaldi browser, which you can download HERE and, thanks to its function of being able to set mobile versions of websites in the sidebar, you can place your Instagram account on it and thus be able to circumvent the system to upload your content from your computer.

To do this, download the browser on your computer and, once you have done so, start it. As soon as you start it, you must click on the «+» icon that you will find in the task bar on the left side of the screen.

After clicking on it, a pop-up window will open in which you will have to insert the url «». Instagram will immediately open on the left side of the screen.


In this way you can view your Instagram account in the same way that you would on your mobile phone, in addition to being able to share content directly, thus speeding up the publication of content in the feed.

In this way you will not have to resort to emulators to be able to use the app from the computer itself.

In this way you already know how to solve some common Instagram problems that users who use this popular social network have, which continues to grow day by day in the number of registered people, being the main social platform of the moment, largely by large facilities and options that it makes available to its users when sharing content.