You have spent weeks and months perfecting your breakfast cereal before launching it in the market. But have you really thought about making a great first impression or customer experience? Did you consider that crucial moment when your target audience will first lay their eyes on your cereal boxes or get their hands on them?

Most probably not.

Before your consumers get to realize how delectable and nutritious your cereal is, their test run begins with the cereal box packaging. In fact, when launching a cereal, it’s important that the quality of your product should be just as good as its packaging. Why? Because it’s the first thing your audience will see when reviewing your product.

A poor first impression can discard your cereal from the competition forever. From design to size, feel and other variables of your custom cereal box, the potential customers will judge everything before they even taste your product.

So whether you are redesigning your current packaging or crafting one for a new product, make sure to address the following queries to create ideal custom cereal boxes for your product.

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What are the Features of Your Product?

From size to durability, and shelf-life of the product, everything will be assessed when you launch a product. If it’s fragile, then create a sturdy packaging solution that can keep it safe during transportation and storage. However, if your product has odd dimensions, bespoke packaging can come in handy.

If your product needs to stay moisture-free, opt for moisture-proof packing. It’s essential to understand these and other details when you are updating or creating your packaging from scratch.

One quick way to spur your custom cereal boxes research is to visit a local store where your competing products are sold—both brick & mortar and online—and see how people are interacting with them, how they sit on the shelves, and how they are being stored.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

To put it plainly, know who will buy your breakfast cereal. Is it millennial, baby boomer, male, female, those on a budget or people with disposable incomes? Knowing your target market will allow you to make some crucial packaging decisions.

For instance, think about having cartoon mascots on your cereal boxes if you are looking to target the younger generation. Now compare your packaging with those who don’t have caricatures on their packaging. Found any differences in prospective consumers?

Where Your Product will be Sold?

Knowing where and how your breakfast cereal will be sold can have a grave impact on your packing design. If you are planning to sell your product online-only, opt for a packaging material that’s appropriate for shipping.

However, if you like to sell it in physical stores, be certain the dimensions aptly meet the retailers’ shelf specifications. This will greatly help you get into a prominent retail chain.

What’s Your Brand Story?

Defining your brand story will allow you to create a strong foundation for all your marketing efforts and strategies. Because a personal story or company mission is something that resounds with your prospective customers. Take Apple and Nike for instance. These renowned brands are excellent examples of high-quality branding.

Even some well-known breakfast cereal brands highlight health in a fun and fanciful way that makes customers fell in love with them. Sure, it takes great effort and time to create out-of-the-box packaging for your breakfast cereal but it provides you an excellent opportunity to lure both retail buyers and consumers.

Final Thoughts

When considering packaging, think about your customer’s journey. Product isn’t the only thing that matters. Your online portal, customer service, shipping, and packaging matters too. So think about creating experience-driven packaging that can enrich your customer journey and boost your sales.

Finding the answers to the aforementioned questions can help you create spellbinding cereal boxes and allow you to lure new buyers and build the base of your loyal customers.