Description: The type of steak knife that you use will dictate your dining experience. By taking into account a few important factors, you can buy a set that’s easy to use and looks elegant on your dining table. Go for a well-constructed knife that will last long.

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How to Choose the Best Steak Knives for Your Kitchen

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve cooked your steak, plated it eagerly, then had to hank through it to get a bite because your knife was not sharp enough? This situation can take away from the deliciousness of your meal, and that’s why we want to show you how to choose the best steak knives today. So, what is a steak knife?

As the name suggests, this is a knife made specifically for slicing through steak at the dinner table. Since it’s used at the table, it also needs to be presentable, and many steak knives come with nicely designed handles. A steak knife offers a smooth dining experience compared to using a standard kitchen knife. Now, let’s see what factors you have to consider to make sure that you buy the best steak knife you can get.

5 Things to Consider When Buying A Steak Knife

Below are the five things you should consider when buying steak knives for your kitchen:

         Blade Type

There are three types of blades that you can find on a steak knife, and these include a serrated blade, a smooth blade, and a hollow edge blade. Serrated blades are good to use on meat with a tough texture because they have saw-like jagged edges. non-serrated blades have a sharp, smooth edge that slice through steak with a clean cut.

Hollow edge blades have indentations on the edges which create air pockets when slicing. This keeps steak from sticking onto the knife. Such a knife is ideal for cutting thin slices. Serrated blades don’t dull easily, while smooth ones may require you to get steak knife sharpening done more regularly.

         Sharpness and Sturdiness

A sharp knife allows you to cut through the steak without stressing it. It will make smooth cuts without tearing the meat fibers, which can ruin its flavor. The blade should also be made using a material that’s sturdy enough to slice through all meat textures without chipping.

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and makes blades that you can use for several years. Avoid purchasing a cheap steak knife that will sacrifice these qualities and require frequent maintenance to remain sharp. Besides, it might probably break after just a few months.


The handle of your steak knife should have a snug fit that makes it easy for you to cut through your dinner. Make sure that the texture of the material is not slippery and allows for a firm grip. Handles will make a huge impression in a table setting with a steak knife. So, you should make sure your knife of choice has a balance between performance and comfort. We advise you to look for a stainless steak knife set with an eye-catching design, but one which does not compromise comfort for appearance.


A knife modern steak should be well balanced and light on the hands. This means that the weight of the handle and the blade should be proportional. The blade should also extend from the handle in a straight line as that makes it easier to handle and maneuver while eating. A great steak knife will have a seamless design with no gap between the blade and the handle to ensure a rigid structure.

         Right Fit for Dining Table

If you want your table to look put together when you serve meals, you need to get steak knives that match with the rest of your cutlery. A mismatched set of knives will break the harmony of the setting and ruin the aesthetic value.

The Knife to Get

In case you have been using a dinner knife to eat your steak, it’s time to get the appropriate cutlery. A steak knife will offer the toughness suitable to cut through thick meat without stressing you out. If you buy a steak knife set with block, you’ll not have to worry about where to store your knives safely. They will also look elegant on your counter, adding to your kitchen’s appeal.

Do you have a favorite set of steak knives? Let us know about it and what you look for when buying a new set in the comments below.


Author’s Bio: Richard Browny is the owner of a busy restaurant, of which he’s the chief chef. During the weekends, he holds cooking classes. He’s in the process of writing his first cookbook to help others gain more confidence and skills in the kitchen. Besides cooking, his other interests are traveling and visiting museums.